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Here you find some features, that are added by Wlads "Soljanka" 2015 Extended Edition. This list claims no warranty of completeness.

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Among others, Wlads "Soljanka" 2015 Extended Edition includes the following mods and addons:

- OGSE 0693 Engine

- OGSE 0693 Shader

- AMK Mod 1.4.1

- NLC 5.08 - New Level Changer Addon by Sak

- NHQ 3.1 - New main quest addon by Dan

- NHQ 5 - New storyline by Dan

- AI Pack Mod by xStream

- AI Addition Mod by Bak

- AI Expansion Addon by Wlad777 and Blacky BPG

- Weapon-Magazine-System by Kirag

- Weapons and Armor repair system by Wlad777 and Blacky BPG

- Backpack Management System by Wlad 777 and Blacky BPG

- Night Vision Google system by Blacky BPG

- Photorealistic Zone Mod by Argus

- Dynamic Weather Mod by nandersen

- Weather Mod by Vincent Vega

- Vegetation Mod by Cromm Cruac & Vandrerer

- Trapped Treasure Addon by Frags

- GPS-Loot list Addon by Idler

- Ragdoll Mod by LexMalin

- NLC Music Pack Addon by Sak and MulleR

- Parts of Sound Remake Mods by MulleR & Mongol

- Parts of Sound Ambiente Overhaul Mod by imperialreign

- Parts of Panoramic Mods by Argus

- Texture-Pack by Domestos

- Arsenal Mod by Dester and Zereset - Adaption for AMK Mod by Wlad777

- Nocturne Mod by Khorn

- Bio-Radar Addon by xStream, tolusha, BAC9-FLCL, Rusya and Nekt

- Corpse decay Addon by SkyLoader

- New Vegetation and Levelgeometrie by CrommCruac and Vandrerer

- Corpse-Zombification Addon by TAG_SPB, re-worked by Wlad777

- German translation of AMK+NLC+NHQ by Wlad777

- many adjustments, alterations and balancing adjustments by Wlad777

and many, many more features and minimods by other modders.

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