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The FREE GENEI's Apocalypse! open beta has started! The game is designed to help promote Minions of Steel (MOS) and will be released for sale soon. Help us whip it into shape by participating in the FREE and open beta!

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GENEI's Apocalypse! is a promo game designed to help spread awareness for Minions of Steel (MOS). Please stop by and read about MOS and support us by buying the promo game! Thanks!

MOS video here:

So, GENEI decides to take over the world and eliminate the human population in its nexus. Yea, yea - But now they're back! Little did GENEI know, humans have a knack for coming back. They're back and ready to attack! Zombies that is...

The same strange science that gives GENEI intelligence has stricken the angry corpses of human kind and they have only one thing on their mind, besides brains, kill GENEI!

Face it, GENEI didn’t make any friends during the Evo war, that’s for sure. There are billions of dead humans just waiting to get their ‘undead’ mitts on GENEI once again. Help GENEI send them back to the grave for good and help us raise some money to finish MOS!

Play the open beta for free and leave us some feedback so we can make the game as fun as possible.

Simply register for the MOS forum and we will add you to the hidden GENEI's Apocalypse! section.

Here is a list of things you can expect to find in the final version of GENEI's Apocalypse!:

  • Varying zombies with different point awards
  • Extra points for zombie killing tactics (knock a zombie back and shoot it before it gets up gives you extra points for example)
  • Zombie spawn kill bonuses
  • Zombie charge kill bonuses
  • Zombie dogs
  • Different weapons
  • Different maps

One of the most exciting things GENEI's Apocalypse! will deliver is leader-boards! Tournaments will be instituted for GENEI's Apocalypse! and the high scoring players will win their choice of Desura and Steam delivered games! Become a zombie killing machine and head to the top of the leader-boards! The payoff is so sweet!

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