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I write one FAQ for all my mods, cause I tired answering the same questions.

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1) About Widescreen fix

Mod can work uncorectly with widescreen fix. Recomended play mod in 1024x768 resolution.

2) Exception in engineInit:X_SharedDB: Weapons "python" and "python" had same ID or Exception in engineInit:X_SharedDB: Weapons "Empty" and "Empty" had same ID (etc.)

Be sure that your max payne 2 have no "data" folder. With data-folder mods just work incorrect or doesn't work at all.

List of propper ras-files before mod installing

MP2_*your language name*.ras

If you game have another ras-files or data-folder, just try to install original english-version of game (english steam-version works pretty good)

3) Failed to peel mipmaps from DDS image:"DDS doesn't have full mipmap pyramid"

Just set all graphic-options to maximum.

4) Exception in engineInit:HUDMode: Following subtitles are too wide (screen space limit 380)

Looks like your game doesn't have official patch. You can download it here.

5) Exception: Couldn't find jumppoint "::world01::jumppoint_00:: in ldb of level "wz01" (etc.)

Play with parametrs " -developer -developerkeys"
For steam-version it's looks like this:

For disc-version it's looks like this:

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