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If you are stuck in Moria Mod: The Last Bridge. Follow this guide.

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The Last Bridge
Map by Masklin and The MoriaMod Team

The Inn:

After the opening cut scene has ended. Run over to the Inn and help the Dwarf fight of a hoarde of Orc's. He will then talk to you, asking you to kill the Great Orc behind the stables. Go around to the back of the stables. The great orc will throw a fire potion at you when he see's you. If you can kill him quick before he can throw the fire potion you'll get 2 Fire Potions of his dead body. Return to the Inn. Inside the Inn after Glofror talks to you collect all the Life Potions in the room - a 500 on the table, another 500 on a shelf next to the bar. There is another 2 1000 Life Potions on a shelf behind the bar. There is also a few food items in the room behind the bar. Go into the next room and up the stairs. At the top of the stairs go into the first room on your right and kill the Orc that attcks you on the roof. now check out the other rooms - In one room you will find a Fire Potion - Bow and a Quiver of arrows. In another room you will find a Scroll on a desk. In another room you will find a Naginata -( Amazon Weapon ). Once you have searched all the rooms go back downstairs and leave the Inn.

Path to the Broken Bridge:
Go over to the big boulder by the tree, at the right of the Inn and go into the arched opening. As you walk throught the water a Great Orc will come from behind you. Across the other side of the water is a small room on your left - inside is a Power Potion. Now go between the two rocks to your right. There is and Orc with a bow high up in front of you. After you take care of the archer orc continue along the canyon passage. Another Orc will rush over to attack you. As you continue around the next corner there will be 3 Orc's and a Great Orc to fight. Carry on along the passage. Near the end of the passage there is another Orc and a Great Orc to fight. Go up the hill that the great orc came down. There is a opening in the wall hidden behind a large rock. Go inside and down the steps. At the bottom you will find a Full Life Potion by a red gem like thing? Continue on through the passage, there are 2 Critters just around the next corner. There is another Critter to kill by a Fire Potion. Carry on passed the critter and you'll come to a water-filled passage. At the rear of this passage is another Critter to kill. There is a Trident -( Amazon Weapon ) under the water. You will see a small opening in the wall next to where you find the trident. You can look through and see a large room! This room is a Maze Room that you'll get to later.

( The other two passages the lead out of the waterfilled passage are both dead ends - if you try to following any you will surely Drown! )

Go back along the pasage the way you came and make your way back to where you killed the 3 orc's and the great orc. Go up the slope on your right. At the top of the slope you will see and Orc by a fire. There is a drop down recess at the rear of this area. Here you will find a Carved Sword. ( you will come out this way later ). Now make your way back to the the Inn and talk to Elglar -( the Innkeeper ) he will tell you abour a Gowran Gem

The River and the Waterfall:
After you have talked to Elglar go to the bridge and drop down into the river then follow the river along to a waterfall. At the waterfall climb up a couple of ledges and go in under the waterfall on the righthand side. Inside this passage there are 3 Spiders to fight. Find the passage with skeleton and follow this along, through a pool of water and up a ledge on the other side. Along this passage there is 2 Orc's and a Great Orc to fight -he has a 150 Life Potion. At the end of the passage you will come to a room with a lava well and a box with Torches in, there is also a 150 Life Potion inside the mine cart.

( At this point another Orc will come in and attack you! He has come from a split in the passage that you have passed.Don't bother going back up the passage yet as you'll be coming back here in a moment. )

Look down the lava well and you will see a small ledge. Drop down onto this ledge and continue along the passage. At the end of the passage you will come to a library room with a few books laying around. You will see a Great Orc guarding a door into the next room -he has a 150 Life Potion. Once you kill the great orc a gate in the next room will open. Go into the room and talk to the dieing Knight. When you have finished talking to the Knight go into the cell and examine the prisoner -he has the Red Gowran Gem. In the next cell you will find the Amazon Light Armour. Go into the next small room and pull the lever on the wall -( this opens/breaks a hole in the floor back up to the room behind the bar in the Inn. ) Go up the stairs and up through the hole. Talk to Elglar -( the Innkeeper ) he will tell you to hurry and help Glofror as he is fighting a Great Orc out in the bar-room, after the fight is over talk to Glofror then go back to the bridge and jump back into the river. Make you way along the river, throught the waterfall and back to the lava well room.

The Red Gowran Gem Room:
Get a Torch from the box and then go back along the passage. You will see that the passage spilts of to the right. Go up this passge into the large room and over to the round golden platform and use the Red Gowran Gem. A cut scene will show a pedestal of fire rise up. ( You now have somewhere to light your torch! ) Before you light the torch, if you press (use) you will read an inscription on the pedestal...

( The Red Gworan will bring fire and we will travel with it from South to North - From West to East. )

This is a clue as to which order to light the carved wall torches. Light the torch from the Gowran flame then light the wall torches in order...

As you light up each wall torch a panel on the wall will open up. Once you have lite up all the wall torches go over and stand by the panels.

Secret Passage:
The wall will now collapse and the room beyond will light up. Go along the dark passage into the room. Inside this room you will see three statues and a book on a stone table. As you read the book a cut scene will show the Queens statue start to glow, this glow will bring to life the two statues on either side of her. When the cut scene ends you will need to fight 2 Dark Knights.

After you have killed the knights go into the next room. As you look around 2 Skeletons will break out of small recess's on the wall. When you have killed the skeletons a door will open leading across a stone path bridge! This bridge will start to collapse as you walk over it! Run across the bridge on the righthand side into the next room. This next room has a shooting arrows on each side of the room - run across to the other side. There is 2 Holy Bottle -( Posion Potions! ) on pedestals at the far end of the room. Go down the stairs. In the small room at the bottom of the stairs there is a 1000 Life Potion inside the chest. The next room has Three Spinning Blades that you will have to get passed - ( walk up to one of the carved statues then once the wall blade passes you dodge around the statue and run to the end of the room ). At the exit door of this room run down the passage to your right and into a small recess on the right - ( A large ball will roll passed you ) There is a 150 Life Potion in the recess.

Note... You may wish to save your game at this point as the next part can be a bit tricky!!!

Water Room:
As you leave the safety of the recess the floor will collapse under you. A cut scene will show you sliding down a long slope into a water-filled room, then gargoyle heads on the wall will start to pour out water flooding the room!

You will now need to quickly jump up the wooden wall ledges before the room floods and 2 Critters start to bite at you.

Skeleton Room:
Go along the top ledge and into the room with the skeleton laying on a stone plinth, the door will close behind you as you enter. Smash at the wall to the left of the skeletons head to open up a water-filled passage. As you continue along this passage you will need to fight 3 Skeletons that pop up out of the water. You will need to wander back and forth along the passage for the second and third skeleton to appear. Drop down into the room at the end of the passage. A quick cut scene will now show large Spikes jutting out from the wall to your left, the wall will then start to slide across the room. Smash at the middle of the right wall to open up a passage with some steps. Pull the lever at the top of the steps to open up the door. You will now be back in the room with the Skeleton -( But he will no longer be laying on the stone plinth! ) Once you kill the skeleton the door you came through will open up, as will the door on the other side of the water-filled room.

Two Tombstones Room:
Go along the ledge and into this room. As you enter this room the door behind you will close and the far wall will slide towards you! There are two tombstone in this room. Go over and stand on the right tombstone -( the one with the sword carved on it. ) A Skeleton will pop up out of the ground. Each time you kill a skeleton and step on the tombstone another skeleton will pop up. There are 4 Skeletons to kill in total. Once they are all dead go over and step on the other tombstone and wait! The back wall will now slide away from you and you will see a opening in the floor. When the wall has stopped sliding quickly run across and down the opening in the floor. Go down the steps and onto the wooden platform in the small room. The lift will take you up to a long narrow corridor with a Fire Potion and 4 holes in the far wall! As you step of the lift into the room Fireballs will shoot out of the holes in the far wall! Quickly run along the corridor and around the corner to your left. You will now come to a large room that you saw through the wall hole where you found the trident! As you enter the room a cut scene will start and walls will pop out turning the room into the Maze Room. In the maze room you will have to fight a few Skeletons, some of them have Life Potions -( Some of the skeletons will be able to combo's, so watch out when you fight them! )You will also find The Araswen's Vial in the maze (The Araswen's Vial will give you invincibility for 30 seconds. You can use it twice ), as you pick up Araswen's Vial the walls in the maze room will change again.

The room that exits the maze room has a gold circular skull carving on the floor. As you enter this room a cut scene will show two blue beams blocking a doorway, a Dark Knight will emerge from the gold floor carving. After you beat the knight a Skeleton will appear then a Great Orc and finally another Dark Knight. -( Some of these ememies will also be able to do combos! ) Once you have killed them all the beams blocking the doorway will go off. Go through the opening and up the stairs, you will meet a Skeleton as you go up the stairs -he has a 150 Life Potion. At the top of the stairs go along to the end of the corridor and kill another Skeleton. Out on the ledge by the lava pit there is a plaque on the wall - ( Read the plaque for a clue about a bridge? ) - ( Don't try and jump over the gap! )

As you step out off the ledge an bridge will appear. Cross over the bridge into the room at the other side.

As you enter this room it will light up and a cut scene will show the Rune of Knowledge appear on a pedestal.

As you pick up the rune a cut secne will start and the room will begin to shake, you will run out into a passage back by the lava pit.

Follow the path around the edge of the lava pit untill you come to a lever on a wall. Pull the lever and a wall panel will open up. You will come out into the area where you killed the orc by the fire. There is an Orc and 2 Great Orc's waiting for you as you enter this area. Once they are dead go down the slope then around to your left. Make your way along to the end of the canyon. As you near the end of the canyon a cut scene will show 2 Great Orc's and a small Orc by a fire - they will roll two boulders down the slope to try and kill you. Once you have killed them carry on to the end of the canyon. Jump down and across the fallen rocks over to the other side of the bridge where you will meet up with Glofror and Elglar. You will all now walk along a path ending the level.

Thats All Folks

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