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A list of games run on other engines, or mods for other games (on other engines than SAGE 2D/3D), also completely stand-alone ones.

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Some of them, such as Battle for Dune, C&C: Reborn, RA: APB, RA2:AR are stand-alone, though they use SAGE 3D (W3D/SAGE) engine.

Battle for Dune
C&C Reborn
C&C Reborn for Crysis
C&C: Renegade II - The Cold War on FPSC engine
Dune Wars for Civilization IV
Dune: A Total Conversion for Crysis
Dune: Arrakian Wars for Unreal Tournament 3
Nod: One Vision, One Purpose for Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising
Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising
Red Alert: A Path Beyond
Renegade X for Unreal Tournament 3
Renegade X 40,000 for Unreal Tournament 3
The Sands of Time for Warcraft III: Frozen Throne
The Spice Must Flow for Mount & Blade
Twisted Insurrection (stand-alone, basing on C&C2/TS engine)

Hopefully, this article will be updated. ;-)


Nope...Starcraft isnt on the list...and thats the game I mod...

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feillyne Author

Err, it isn't related to any C&C/BFME/Dune universe. ;-) Only, hmm, other engines mods/games, etc. are listed here. :-)

Your mod is a StarCraft mod, set in your own universe and with your factions. :-)

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That... Was a really odd comment by FlySpyGuy. o_O;

Hadn't heard of the Dune Crysis mods. Thanks.

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