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Here are some of the things you need to know if you are modding for RBDoom3bfg or converting a mod to RBDoom3bfg. I will keep updating this.

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These are a combination of known and discovered by me issues while modding RBDoom3bfg.

Things RBDoom3bfg does NOT support:
Existing mods with dll files (would have to be converted to this engine)
Pak files
ARB shaders
Some ASE files will cause a crash when generating collision models (from some mods anyway)

Differences with Doom 3:
Materials, Def's, etc may have slight differences you should compare if using stock Doom 3 files.
Everything gets converted. Tga's, Md5's, ASE's, etc will end up in the Generated folder.

What not to include in your mod:
Renderprogs folder in the base will cause issues with different versions of RBDoom3bfg. RBDoom3bfg has them built into the exe and those are not needed also. Modlauncher (which is abandoned) comes with these also delete it from your base folder.

What to include in your mod:
The original files. You can include the generated folder but if something happens to it (and it can) the originals are the only way to get it back.

Also there is no MOD menu (yet) so a shortcut or a bat file with +set fs_game yourmod +set fs_resourceLoadPriority 0

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