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Sad news about our over ambitious mod I'm afraid, I expect you saw this coming...

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When we started this mod Star Citizen had less than 9 million dollars in funding. Since that time I have had new life-consuming commitments come up and my tiny team/community has fallen away from the project. In addition, Star Citizen is now at $72M and counting which means that the detail and effort going into it is now way way past what we were ever capable of achieving. This all adds up to this project being well and truly unsustainable. Anyone who has been around mods for a while will be unsurprised by this news given how long this project has gone without an update.
Our goals were much too lofty and this is just one more of the multitude of mods that turns out to be a fizzer, for which I appologise to anyone who cares enough to read this.

Hopefully SC turns out as good as we all hope, and soon!

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