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General address on the status of Tiberian History.

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The mod status as of Release 8 was: Complete.

This is done with the understanding that these kinds of mods are never definitively 'finished', it's just that people stop working on them.

While I liked that release 8 had satisfied my basic draft, the only thing that bugged me was that GDI and Nod did not have many historical structures.

I planned to add several structures, but needed a concept artist in order to flesh out my ideas, and to help me further refine and visualise them, however I was not able to secure an artist (thanks to the artist who donated a couple of nice pieces to my cause!).

The mod status is still 'finished' however if an artist joined the mod, then I would certainly consider another release.

My current feelings on the mod is that it would be nice if both Nod and GDI had a couple more historical structures each (to lessen the largely dull C&C3 structures), although at a bare minimum, one structure each would probably do (although that would be disappointing). As usual, the Scrin get nothing!

I have a few models that are still untextured and I might texture and show them publicly at a future date.
This does not mean that a release is going to happen, and these images will be tagged: *Unreleased content*, instead of the usual *New for release X*.
If something happens that means a release has been planned, then any *Unreleased content* tags will be changed to *New for Release 9*


  • *Unreleased content* tags show work that could have been part of a history release.
  • *New for Release 9* tags mean that an additional release is being worked on.
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