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This article will discuss the list of changes that the mod applies.

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Hey guys,
you probably already know that the air units in Iron Harvest are extremely lacking, so I made a mod that improves how they play.


Airfield:Engineers Building an Airfield

The airfield is a production structure for aircraft. It is built via the engineer. All factions have access to it, but each one has different costs and build time. Before the upgrade, it can build the Skybike and Airlift, and the Usonian one can build Reveres. The Advanced Airfield can produce Gunships and Destroyers, and the Usonian one can also build Samsons. The Airfield cannot unlock superheavies or reserves, and can be seen through the fog of war.

Anti-Air Turret:

Screenshot 259

The AA turret now deals much more damage to air units. They are no longer limited to your base and is cheaper.

Ground Units:

The number of ground units that can attack air has been reduced. The ones that can are:

  • Anti-Armour Gunners
  • Machine Gunners
  • HMG
  • Straznik
  • Lowca
  • Grimbart
  • Wotan
  • Kolokol
  • Nagan
  • Salem
  • Knox(through its special AA attack)
  • All heroes except Lech and Zubov

Note that any ground units with auto attacks that can hit air still can do so.

Skybike:Skybike Deals more damage to ground

The Skybike doesn't fit its anti-air role really well and sucks otherwise, so now its cheaper, faster, and deals more damage.

  • Health decreased to 450.
  • Vision radius increased to 50.
  • Anti-air mg damage increased against all armour types.
  • Anti-ground mg damage against unarmoured increased to 2.
  • The Skybike has a new veteran ability: Torpedo Missile: The Skybike launches a missile that is good against armour.
  • Speed increased to 4.5
  • Cost reduced to 175 iron, 45 oil, and 2 pop, and reserve build cost decreased.

Airlift:Airlift Dropping Bombs

The Airlift just sucks in general, so now its no longer a transport, and instead is a bomber that drops a volley of bombs before reloading after a while.

  • Health decreased to 650.
  • Vision radius increased to 30.
  • Removed anti-ground mg
  • Bombs deal 40 damage to all armour types, but it only has 3 range.
  • Speed increased to 3.8
  • Increased rotation speed.


Gunship has very long range.

The Gunship is very annoying to play against in general, so it has been reworked to be a long range bombardment unit that is good only against unarmoured and light.

  • Reload time increased to 10 seconds.
  • Health decreased to 425.
  • Range increased to 55.
  • Damage to unarmoured increased and damage to medium and heavy decreased.
  • Attacks spread out much more.
  • Cost decreased
  • Removed anti-air attacks.
  • Increased splash.
  • It can now fire into the fog of war.


The Destroyer is a supplement to the Gunship, which deals more damage to medium and heavy armour.

  • More expensive than gunship
  • More damage to medium and heavy, but less to unarmoured in comparison to the gunship
  • Otherwise has same stats as the Gunship.

Usonian Air Units


Revere Boosting

Although the Revere is quite iconic, I thought it was too slow, especially since the other tier 1 air units got a speed buff. In addition, I changed how its attacks and veteran ability.

  • Health lowered to 500.
  • Anti-ground rockets now fire 12 rockets at a time, but they move slower through the air.
  • Anti-air attack fires 3 missiles at a time.
  • Dash range decreased to 45, but the recharge time is reduced to 30 seconds.
  • Speed increased to 4.


The Samson

The Samson wasn't exceptionally consistent, so it has been changed slightly

  • The Samson no longer requires all production structures
  • Health reduced to 1250.
  • Drone reload time decreased from 5 seconds to 3 seconds.
  • Drone speed increased to 8.5.
  • Drone range decreased to 50.

George Mason:

George Mason wasn't very good, so he has been changed into a fire support unit.

  • Reserve coin cost decreased to 2.
  • Range of Main Guns increased to 55 and minimum range reduced.
  • Range of secondary mgs and AA guns reduced to 22.
  • Main guns can shoot into fog of war.
  • Speed increased to 1.9.
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