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Add many new craftables armors and weapons :
Weapons :
DC 15 rifle
DC 17 pistol
DC 15 pistol
DC 17m Rifle
DC 15 small rifle
Grenades (maybe)
E-5 battle droid rifle
Mandalorian Sniper rifle
Mandalorian Blaster rifle
Mandalorian pistol
and more...
Armors :
Clone trooper Phase 2 (sergeant,captain,lieutenant, commander)
Clone Arc Troopers
Senate Commandos
Republic commando
Jedi robes
Pre Vizla Armor
Death Watch armor
Red and Black Mandalorian armor
and more...

Some new quests
New transportations :
-Tanks (ATTE...)

-New sounds and effects :
Blasters sounds
Lasers shoot and effects

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