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The main changes in this mod are, that you can choose between more factions and added types of reinforcements (paratroopers). Too I tried to make reinforcemnts historical correct.

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Too you will find out that you have more reinforcement types to choose from in the early phase of war e.g.: (1939-1941) the germans have the "nebelwerfer" like they did have in that stage of war. Its your decision if you use them. All is historical correct, but not wise in some ways. GB have heavy-tanks early (Churchill Crocodile) but thats no Tiger! In the early stage of war the Japanese aren't to bad, but lack good tanks in the end time period. Remind that the allies didn't have good units at the beginning of the war, but during the war their weapons got better and after all they outnumbered the axis.
I didn't add a Italian faction, cause I didn't find enough units (after all they where no good anyway).
An other change different from the original BK2-game is that I put the infantry into trucks, that they are faster traveling, some make sure you let the infantry out of the trucks before going into battle, the truck explodes all units inside will die!
Hope you will have fun with your mates playing this!

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