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A collection of people who have contributed the MOD

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Mod Inspiration:

  • Tooth/DevGuy - A personal FL hero. His work was the spark that ignited the flame of many on the team. Your legacy carrys on through us. Many Thanks!!
  • Lancer Solarus - A FL Modding Role Model. If he does something he goes beyond sharing, he makes a utility which makes it easier for everyone else. FLEC and your ALE editor saved many many headaches.
  • Sushi - Modding Role Model. Mod Lead of the Freeworlds:Tides of War Starwars Mod. Thanks for the support and I wish you so much luck on FW-TOW.
  • LordFjord - A hero to many of our team who were apart of the Excelcia DevTeam
  • AsgardRPG - A great mod! This is the (former) home of the administrators. Many of their members have migrated here. SW has big shoes to fill to live up to Asgards Legacy
  • Freeworld:Tides of War Team - By far the most indepth and high quality total conversion mods for Freelancer. The leaders of the FW:TOW team have worked, shared and collaborated with us on many occasions. We look forward to further cooperation in the future.
  • DiscoveryRPG - Several of our team came from Discovery. There is no disputing their success within the FL community.
  • Excelcia - Oldtime Great. This server is legend to the oldtimers left in the FL community
  • Frostworks Level2/New Universe
  • Most of all, our fans and supporters. This mod would not have been possible if we didnt have people constantly asking for the latest sneak peak. This forced us to follow-through and finish what we started. Thanks for keeping FL alive.

Current and Former DevTeam Members

  • Forsaken - Senior Coder, Mod Coordinator (SW Mod Founder)
  • FriendlyFire - Senior Coder, Mod Concept, and Mentor(WarTorn Mod Founder)
  • Snake_eye - Senior Coder, Mod Concept, and Mentor(SW Mod Founder)
  • Cheese on Toast - Senior Coder, Mod Concept, and Mentor(WarTorn Mod Founder)
  • Ramirez - Mod Concept, Storyline Environment Planner (SW Mod Founder)
  • Blackbeard - Mod Concept, Coding, Balance, Server/Forum Host (SW Mod Founder)
  • Roo Avery - Mod Concept, Storyline Environment, Community Organizer
  • Ogu - Mod Concept, Balance, Coding, Mentor (Founding Team Member)
  • Schwarz - Mod Concept, Balance, and Coding (Founding Team Member)
  • Vis - Mod Concept, Coding, Senior System Builder, and Tester Team Leader
  • Marchinko/GenD - Mod Concept and Coding
  • DigDug83 - Mod Concept and Coding
  • WaterCoolerWarrior - Mod Concept, Coding, and Programming Modding Tools
  • HotDog - Ship Modeler/texturer
  • DocFuglyMark - Ship modeler/texturer
  • Michaeloco - Ship modeler/texturer
  • Vaporlynx - Ship modeler/texturer
  • Roland "Hobbes" Orr - Ship modeler/texturer
  • Nexus/Gamazson - Mod Concept, Mining, Ship, and Economy balance
  • Turkish - Ship modeler/texturer, SURs
  • Aussie - Coding
  • Aaxe - Coding
  • Daedalus - Infocards
  • Anubis - System Builder
  • Ezrail - Coding
  • Marchinko/GenD/Voodoo - Mod Concept and Coding
  • Prothus - Hardpointing and Testing
  • Fadius - System Builder
  • BaDkaRmA158th - Ship modeler/texturer
  • Ruppetus - System Design, New Menu Background Scene, LUA's
  • Reaper_42 - Creeping Darkness Concept, DLL's, INI's, SUR's, Weapons and Equipment, and Info Card Writing/Editing
  • Carnifex - Creeping Darkness Concept, INIs, DLLs, Texture Editing, Info Card Editing, System Design
  • Enigma - Textures, Logos, and Graphics
  • O'Shanahan - Info Card Writing
  • Nick Seafort - Info Card Writing
  • Kaal - Info Card Writing
  • Skyler - Ship Locations
  • Pagan - System Design

Current and Former Test Team Members

  • Naraki/Reaper[X] - Former Tester Team Leader
  • Jade
  • BoneKrakker
  • Prothus
  • Felix.Kelly
  • Alex
  • BACrusher
  • Baptiste
  • Blade
  • Breed
  • Corpse
  • Corran Horn
  • Corrupted
  • Fire
  • Genshou
  • Ikisat
  • Jar~Jar
  • mred39
  • Negativity
  • Perun
  • Ronin
  • Rubber Ducky
  • ShadowBerserker
  • Shailihud
  • Ulrich
  • Eason and numerous Order members
  • Slake and numerous Skull Squadron members
  • Schattenkralle
  • WedgeAntilles
  • Hornviper
  • Nemesis_87

Mod Contributors

  • DocFuglyMark and DFM Productions - Many ship contributions
  • Roland "Hobbes" Orr and Roland Dynamics - Many ship contributions
  • HotDog - Ship, Texture and SUR contributions
  • Frostworks Level 2/New Universe Dev Team
    o Gav 'gtea' Thompson
    o MoonWalkinMike
    o Ripperman
    o Hobbes (our Hobbes)
    o Marcus 'DuesEx' Malleus
    o ExecutionerDE
    o Colin Sandby
    Multiple ship contributions. License to use some of thier ships btained by way of Roland "Hobbes" Orr. Thanks guys you do great work. I would love to know who specifically created each ship but I was unable to get ahold of everyone to ask them who done what ship.I credited each ship in the infocard as the "NU Dev Team". I am aware there is a newer mod called New Universe... but this isn't them.
  • Michaeloco - Shipwright, this guy is amazing, he donated ALOT of freetime to a project for a game hes barely played, with no compensation or request for recognition. It takes a SPECIAL person to be this dedicated to the project and for him to do so much.
  • Vaporlynx - Shipwright, an OUTSTANDING and meticulous modeler.
  • ILIKECAPS - Weapons Coding. I gave him the spreadsheet and he ran with it. Thats an enormous amount of code changes to do without making mistakes... hats off bro
  • Argh - Used a few items from his good XML Toolkit mod. I cant specifically name which ones b/c its been a long time since I added some of his content.
  • Mohr - BW Transport (see infocard for credits)
  • Turkish - Aesir (see infocard for credits)
  • Caid Shipworks - Bretonia Champion (see infocard for credits)
  • rsdnt-evle - Komodo Dragon. I couldnt get ahold of you to ask for permission to retexture it for use in the mod.
  • awts0c - Rheinland Firbolg renamed to the Sleipnir for use in the SW Mod
  • D. Michalczyk - Civilian Textures
  • Filterforge Community - basis for many of the filters used in making the mod
  • FriendlyFire - New tradelane FX and good ideas from brainstorm sessions on msn
  • Why485 - Good ideas regarding implemention of capship flak turrets.
  • Nebulae Wolf - Icons
  • SwiftR/Origin Systems - Icons (required overhauling to fit into the mod)
  • CCP - Icons (required overhauling to fit into the mod)
  • Nexus/Gamazson - Mod Concept, Icons
  • Egosoft, Stardock, and Ascaron - basis for some textures
  • Kaboom - Interface Changes relating to the Sleek Black HUD
  • Aegir - Extended Keyset
  • Havik - Loads of infocard entries.
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