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A summery of the basic story and features for HQ2.

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The story so far...
With HQ2, we are taking a different approach to both the story and its presentation over the first one. This time we are doing a 2d retelling of Doom. Over the course of its 9 levels, the player will battle the invading forces of Hell on Mars. As they progress closer to the source of invasion, they will witness the planet slowly becoming consumed by the forces of evil and then travel deep into the heart of Hell itself. In other words, its the same classic story of one marine vs the forces of hell.

HQ2 Features:
-Fast side scrolling action on Doom3.
-improved 2d camera, controls, combat and collision detection over the original HQ.
-Built upon Denton's enhanced Doom3 modification.
-Improvements to Doom3's blood, gore and gribbing systems.
-New & modified enemies including Revility's classic imps, and Baron of Hell.
-Classic Doom player model skin & helmet
-Modified enemies, weapons, fx, ammo and stats for 2d game play
-Bloom lighting, water, and improved heat haze effects
-Improved third person fx for all of Doom3's weapons
-Featuring a modified version of 6th Venom's High Quality Main Menu.
-New weapons: grenade launcher, pick axe, flame thrower and Jericho 950 handgun.
-New sounds, skins, tracers & visual FX for many weapons.
-New Machine Gun model and beefed up Chain Gun model
-New music by Neurological including re mixes of classic D3 tracks
-laser sites on all weapons to help the player aim.
-No reloading.
-Player starts off with a Sub Machine Gun, and Chain Saw. No wimpy pistol, fist or flashlight.
-Duel weapon carrying similar to Contra 3/4.
-Smart camera system tracks the player's position properly for 2d game play
-Classic Doom interact button to open hidden doors, use computers, levers, and pick up items.
-Breakable objects system adds in a much needed element of interaction to the world of Doom 3.
-Power ups including Jet packs, and double jump boots.
-Keyboard aiming option has been added. Great for Joysticks.
-Health Bars displayed in hud for enemies, and bosses.
-New func_mover system allows mappers to make movers without scripting.
-Plenty of secrets to find in each level. You'll need every trick in the book to find them all.
-End level stats & GUI lets you know just how well you did in each level
-Running zombies replace D3's slow and cumbersome ones.
-Old school style projectiles allow the player to jump over and duck under enemy attacks.
-Dynamic 2d movement. The player can now move into the background & foreground at given points.

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