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This article contains a list of all minor gods present in game. Future content will be posted as the updates go.

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The mod at this moment adds 18 New Minor Gods.

minor gods zeus

  • Age 2 Hestia - Goddess of Hearth
    (Available when playing Zeus)

  • Age 2 Tyche - Goddess of fortune and luck
    (Available when playing Zeus)

  • Age 3 Demeter - Goddess of Harvest
    (Available when playing Zeus)

  • Age 3 Nike - Goddess of Victory
    (Available when playing Zeus )

minor gods hades

  • Age 2 Hypnos - God of Sleep
    (Available when playing Hades)

  • Age 2 Thanatos - God of Death
    (Available when playing Hades)

  • Age 3 Persephone - Goddess of fruits and queen of the underworld
    (Available when playing Hades)

Minor gods poseidon

  • Age 2 Triton - God of Waves
    (Available when playing Poseidon)

  • Age 3 Amphitrite - Goddess of the deep sea
    (Available when playing Poseidon)

minor gods gaia

  • Age 2 Physis - Titan God of Nature
    (Available when playing Gaia)

  • Age 3 Ourea - Titan God of the Mountains
    (Available when playing Gaia)

minor gods oranos

  • Age 4 Nyx- Titan Goddess of Night
    (Available when playing Ouranos)

minor gods kronos

  • Age 4 Perses- Titan God of Destruction
    (Available when playing Kronos)

minor gods odin

  • Age 4 Vidar - God of Vengeance
    (Available when playing Odin)

minor gods thor

  • Age 4 Sif - Goddess of Harvest and Earth
    (Available when playing Thor)

minor gods loki

  • Age 3 Surtur - Giant of Destruction
    (Available when playing Loki)

minor gods ra

  • Age 4 Sobek - God Military and Pharaonic Powers
    (Available when playing Ra)

minor gods set

  • Age 4 Babi - God Violence
    (Available when playing Set)
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