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A couple of new mercenary units available at the Inn in the mod.

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Another focus of the mod is the Inn - a frequently recurring building on the map, usually guarded by a somewhat more capable set of units, allowing the player to get a t3 (i.e. a relatively strong) unit early in the game. The vanilla inn allows us to recruit warriors from all of the game's races, but the choice usually falls down to one t3 and multiple repetitive weaker ones. In the end, the mercenaries differ in no aspect from units produced by player's cities but price. Thus the mod provides new units, some of which are based on historical mercenary units (like the Landsknecht), and others on... whatever could come to my mind. Read from the left, the effects of the mentioned abilities can be seen here.


  • Falxman presents the offensive, berserker-type infantry. Ancient Balkan peoples loved to fight with big blades (as the eponymous falx), while carrying no or minimal protection to stay mobile. Default ability: Inflict Bleeding.
  • Gallowglass was the name of Scottish mercenaries in late medieval Ireland. Well-armored, but rather old-fashioned for the type. Think of vikings with two-handed swords. They can Taunt their enemies and overwhelm spear- and shield-bearing units.
  • Maq'har - the conservative Orc. Skirmisher with only wooden and bone weapons, for iron is for the weaklings. Can also use javelins for a ranged attack, and is immune to mind control spells.
  • Hell Clan are attack-oriented satyr warriors with a Guard Breaker ability (negates defence bonus of the defending unit). They also are more fond of Volcanic terrain, which might be of use for the races, which are not.
  • Trabant is in fact a corruption of Brabançon, as the Duchy of Brabant was a steady source of mercenaries during the Middle Ages for such a long time, that the word was in Germany practically a synonym for a sellsword. They are classed as spearmen and have the Defender ability.
  • Golden Cross is a dwarven support unit, a mercenary healer. They can also use Flash Bang ability as a ranged attack. Now let's look at cavalry and archers:


  • Bedouin is likely the most fancy t2 unit: cavalry archers mounted on camels. Thus they like warmer climates and also are effective agains animals and other cavalry units.
  • Stratiot was a name of light cavalry employed in late medieval Italy, recruited from Balkans and especially Albania. Unlike the standard human light horsemen they also carry javelins for ranged attacks. They can also Exploit Despair.
  • Longbowman is an upgrade of the vanilla archer, which has been replaced by the crossbowman in the mod, relegating them to the role of a "foreign" unit, as the Human faction now focuses more on the continent. Unlike the xbows, they have no range penalty and also the Vigilance ability.
  • Polar Explorer is a versatile irregular unit: a dwarven skirmisher equipped with a musket and capable of summoning a warg for melee.
  • Luthien's Pride presents the basic Elven mercenary. An archer, of course. They are especially effective as snipers against enemy heroes.
  • Razorbow is an enhanced Goblin archer. Unlike the basic archer (available to the Orc race) they have a better range, more survivability, and also the Flaming Arrows and Sabotage abilities.

Some t2 mercenary units can also be recruited from the city upgrade Mercenary Camp, which is available after integrating a Trading Post into the territory. But the Inn is visited especially for the said t3 units:


  • Myrmidons were the tribe commanded by Achilleus the Trojan War. The best infantry the Bronze Age Greece could muster, the unit has the Martial Arts ability. And, as you know that in Illiad everybody speaks in verses, they have also minor bard skills.
  • Khor'qron present the Orc infantry shocktroops. Basically an elite grunt, but with the Total Awareness ability.
  • Stonefoot Clan is, similarily, the main Dwarf mercenary. A mass of hitpoints and resistances, supplemented by the Stoneskin ability.
  • Uruq-hai were taken directly from the depths of some Mordor-esque training facility with a lot of armor and discipline. Orcs lack a true spearman unit in the mod, so this may provide you one. They also have the Defensive Strike ability.
  • Landsknecht present the mercenary pikemen of late medieval Germany: both effective and extravagant in their clothing. Thanks to Tireless ability they also can fight in prolonged battles.
  • Reislaufer were the Swiss counterpart (or rather predecessors) of the German pikemen. They are more offensively oriented thanks to their zweihanders and halberds, represented in code as the Overwhelm ability.


  • Amazon is the fastest unit in the game. Cavalry archers from the far steppes of Hyperboraea can further enhance their mobility by the Sprint ability, attacking enemies by Blessed Arrows.
  • Hussar presents here the early variant common to medieval Hungary and Serbia: light cavalry with a heavy horse and a lance, meant to chase down mounted archers. Like the knight they also have the Devastating Charge, yet enhancing it by the Sprint ability.
  • Iron Horde is the enhanced Orc cavalry, accustomed to hellish environment with Fire Protection. They also can attack with a Fire Spit.
  • Manwe's Finest are the only Elven heavy cavalry available in the mod. These armored unicorns are still capable of a ranged attack with the Sun Spear, also preserving the Phase ability.
  • Chalicer is the first of two mercenary War Wagons, machine units designed to support Musketeers and Cannons. This one is based on Hussite wagons, deploying a t2 squad of sturdy infantry and boasting a howitzer.
  • Firebrand Clan is the Dwarf wagon with a Flamethrower. It can deploy another squad of flamethrower-wielding infantry, if it wouldn't be enough.

If you have any ideas how to expand or develop the currently available set, feel free to comment. Enjoy!

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