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A short interview with GamesRadar about Glitchrunners as part of an article on SmartGlass as a gaming platform.

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If Kinect has been the Prince Hamlet-like tragedy of the Xbox One – a very public murder, all blood and commercial thunder – SmartGlass has gone the way of the King. A bit of poison in the ear and thump, no one’s any the wiser.

It was never presented as the most exciting prospect, to be fair, always a bland accompaniment to a main gaming experience – a mocked-up mobile phone in Dead Rising, a streaming strategy guide in Ryse. It’s easy to off something no one will miss – but with the app still haunting a few million phones, there’s a constant reminder that something could be done with it.

While Microsoft studiously ignores the ghost at the feast, a Manchester indie developer is attempting to make it the life of the party. Torque Studios has shaped its first game,Glitchrunners from the results of an experimental project, Don’t Walk: RUN!, which won the Dare to be Digital student games award and netted a BAFTA nomination earlier this year.

Read the full interview here!

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