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Okay, so maybe not quite a feature list but more of a proposal. This is basically what I started with when Mech Inferno was first developed. I don't try to list every feature at first. I like to pull out three or four features that I think make the game unique and then kind layout the big picture as far as the concept goes. Oh and I want to keep it brief so I limit it to one page.

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Game Title: Mech Inferno Genre: Sci-fi/Horror top-down shooter

Setting: Gomorrah (Dark Earth) Similar Titles: Castlevania/Smash TV


After the fall of civilization, evil inherits the Earth and it is renamed Gomorrah. There is one safe haven for humans, Paradiso, but it costs a fortune to buy your way in. Sydney and Adelaide plan to do just that with the use of their homemade mech. The quickest way to make money in Gomorrah is to take it from the demons, but they soon learn there is hell to pay when they steal from Gomorrah's richest demon, Mammon.


Mech Inferno is a top-down shooter similar in gameplay to Smash TV and Gain Ground, but with a setting that merges Castlevania with Contra. In it the player will progress in a typical level structure. The game uses a mixture of 2D and 3D graphics and is designed to be played with a Super NES style gamepad.


Mech Inferno will be created using the Unity3D game engine and will be released on PC. Console will also be considered as they become plausible options. A free demo will be released first and then additional funding will be sought to finish the game.

Key Features

Mech Inferno offers players some unique features such as a post-apocalyptic horror themed world, shared energy weapon/boost and charge style bullets.

Post-apocalyptic Horror Themed World
The world of Gomorrah is to be a well-developed setting that
can be used for many future projects. It
combines a post-apocalyptic setting-as seen in movies like Mad Max-with gothic horror creatures and races inspired by classical horror stories/movies like Dracula.

Shared Energy Weapon/Boost
The mech in Gomorrah has an energy bar that is used to power the mech's weapons and boost ability.
This bar is self-generating, but as the player boosts and/or charges bullets the energy is depleted. Once the energy is reduced to zero, the player will not be able to boost of shoot until the bar completely refills.

Charge Style Bullets
The player can hold down the shoot button and charge their bullets similar to R-type. This produces larger bullets that do more damage and go through more enemies. Some enemies can also have armor which must be knocked off by a fully charged bullet before the enemies can be harmed.

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