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There is a Readme file inside the MeatBot-Pack.rar, it is in the "docs" folder and it has all the details you need to get the mod running in no time ;)

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MeatBot v0.92:
- The system waypoints is changed, now it began more flexible
- Bots have learned to jump
- Bots have learned to get and get obstacles (mantle)
- Bots have learned to get on a vertical ladder
- Animation of run of a bot is added
- Animation of a jump and falling downwards is added
- Animation to get through obstacles is added
- Animation to get on a vertical ladder is added
- Now bots recharge the weapon if patrons on zero
- Now the amount a pomegranate at bots not infinite, and depends on type of the weapon
- It is added scoring run of bots, a landing, to get on a vertical ladder
- The bug with colliding the player by a bot is corrected
- 999 ammunitions go with all weapons. (at the bots)
- In Thompson in a collection 30 ammunitions. (at the bots)
- In M1 Garand in a collection 10 ammunitions. (at the bots)
- In PPsH42 in a collection 50 ammunitions.
- In BAR into a collection 30 ammunitions. (at the bots)
- 3 smoke grenades goes with all weapons (because of the bots sticking together).
- The grenades of the bots falls down now.
- No Dust on the maps.
- Bots used all weapons (PPsH42 and SVT40 too)
- Bots speed fixed
- With Bots supported new gametype (ehq, vip, ctfb)
- Bots can EHQ to take a station in a gametype, and to destroy!!!
- For Bots different his skill (easy, novice, normal, hard, expert, veteran)
- Bots select a weapon really, to the map decently
- 2 new language (Hungarian, English)

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