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This article contains the whole MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours v2 VersionLog. In other words this article contains informations about what i have changed in my fullversion built - in detail. This thread is just an archive of information. Old threads - posts and topics related to my Darkest Hours work - in a chronological order. Latest version no. is v4.1 (v4.0 + v4.1patch; and several optional patches to customize own built)

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MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours

Standalone - Version Logfile (March,26th,2020)

This is the history file of information that got lost when was put down by Bombadil and SeanLang. I recovered the whole v2.0 delopment information and release it for public here. This stuff contains allot information for interested players or possibly modders who are interested to go into this any further. Have fun reading it, RizZ:

v2.0 Development (March,26th,2017)

History Content
of Version 2.0 Development

Worked like full version but installing was complicated in comparison to full version link above, that's why I replaced Mod files with full version to make installing simple:

Supported systems: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, (Windows Vista), Windows XP, Windows 98/SE
--- file got deleted - not important for thread topic
Start Menu MCG Darkest Hours

I proudly present my 130 Mission super Mod!!
I wanna play! Gimme download now!
In order to play just install See full version link above
MCG Original and copy the content of the folder ROOT into your game folder. (ONLY ITS CONTENT)
Instructions how to proper install mech commander gold with original CD or FREE *.iso file you find there.
Start Game Exe. (Doesnt work, need Tutorial. - Klick!

Have fun playing biggest campaigns ever created on MCG:
- 130 Missions to play with missions of four different campaigns mixing in playable order
- 20 brandnew pilots
- new warrior pictures for logistics and in-mission
- new artwork (mainmenu - design)
- corrected many bugs
- purchase files for all missions

but most important is the campaign length as it is three times longer as biggest campaign ever was.
I played through in a rush there maybe some little bugs left but it works and is all in all playable very
comfortable i like it right now. Please tell me your experiences when you try this sh*t out, was much
All in all this is just the beginning. I will update this alpha soon making it better and bigger by introducing
the original scenarios in this campaign soon.
100 missions per campaign would be nice in the end hehe

DOWNLOAD MY MOD BELOW: (~50MB, 216 updatet files)

Download Ultimate Mod v2.0 from google drive
- overwrites all previous modfiles of version 1.0
- includes ALL original and user made missions and campaigns as merged
- play 130 missions instead of 42 maximum
- get 50 instead of 30 Mech warriors
- new artwork
- and much more

Savegames won't show new content. To play the new campaign start new game.

Download Optional background music files from google drive
- includes two musicfiles overriding original music on main menu and logistics (raise loading times of menus a bit, but worth the sound)

MCG Ultimate v2.0 upgrades v1.0 mod if already existent or vanilla MCG Original folder like instructed above. For installing copy the content of ROOT in zip file to your game folder. Override existing files if it asks.
- Detailed installing Tutorial (for Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/98 SE) -

Download latest Patch: Standalone Patch 2.0d - Multiplayer: (~22 MB, 138 Updatet gamefiles)
Patch 2.0d contains:

Patch 2.0a
- bugfixes and mission updates / replacements for corrupted ones

Patch 2.0b
- completed ultimate expansion merge
- full playable expansion campaign with all famous user and original campaign missions as a one large 41 mission built
- the previous patch 2.0a
- warrior skillbugfix
- Original Missions of Operation 2 "Remastered" - all units placed. One mission needed a map replace cause map was corrupted. (02/03) therefore you got same scenario on a famous multiplayer map setting.
- introduced all original expansion missions as first remastered prebuilt into major capmaign merge
- new warrior pictures for logistics and in-mission
- new warrior descriptions
- new descfit
- new PuWa.fst
- new RizZArt.fst

Patch 2.0c
- new mixed tech for IS, Clan side on multiplayer
- new mixed tech for solo missions (colossal *.sol update needed to activate the already introduced 42 new solo missions, will be playable soon)

Patch 2.0d - Multiplayer *.mpk Upgrade

- with multiplayer maps and new game exe for starting multiplayer games against other opponents
- this Patch contains multiplayer functions and an integrated mixed tech patch making all pilots, mechs, vehicles and technologies usable in multiplayer games
- updatet 46 Map *.mpk files in order to work hand in hand without any bigger bugs or issues on multiplayer
- you can play multiplayer by starting game with gameranger - facing other people using SAME mod and version - if you play against people using different versions like unmodded Original MP their games will crash if you use mod only items and features in games against them - but using vanilla stuff works so they wont get crashes if you play with their limited capacities - but being able to use full potential of game when all participators use this mod version of remastered MCG.
- last update May, 18th, 13.00 o clock: +11 Custom Multiplayer Maps integrated in full version update

In Order to play MultiPlayer Mech Commander install gameranger from and give gameranger path to multiplayer exe of ur upgraded MCG DH Full Version 3.0 folder.

v2.0 Campaign Merges (March,26th,2017)

Original Campaign MERGE!
MCG Ultimate Starting Screen sma

History log
Mech Commander Gold - Ultimate Original Campaign Merge

All Original & Big User Campaigns merged as one playable 90 Mission campaign, shuffled in a playable order.

Operation 1 - All briefings: (+14 Missions with Exodus mission as final)

Operation 1, Mission 01, 01/01 Original
Operation 1, Mission 02, 01/02 Original
Operation 1, Mission 03, 01/03 Original
Operation 1, Mission 04, 01/04 Original
Operation 1, Mission 05, 01/05 Original
Operation 1, Mission 06, 01/06 Original
Operation 1, Mission 07, 01/01 X-Ray
Operation 1, Mission 08, 01/02 X-Ray
Operation 1, Mission 09, 01/03 X-Ray
Operation 1, Mission 10, 01/01 Xenocide
Operation 1, Mission 11, 01/02 Xenocide
Operation 1, Mission 12, 01/03 Xenocide
Operation 1, Mission 13, 01/04 X-Ray
Operation 1, Mission 14, 01/05 X-Ray
Operation 1, Mission 15, 01/01 Exodus
Operation 1, Mission 16, 01/02 Exodus
Operation 1, Mission 17, 01/04 Xenocide
Operation 1, Mission 18, 01/03 Exodus
Operation 1, Mission 19, 01/06 X-Ray
Operation 1, Mission 20, 01/04 Exodus - Operation 1 final

Operation 1 contains 20 missions:
6 Originals, 6 X-Ray, 4 Xenocide & 4 Exodus missions. All the early missions of all big campaigns.

Operation 2 - Briefings: (+13 Missions with Xenocide final)
Operation 2. Mission 21, 02/01 Original
Operation 2. Mission 22, 02/02 Original
Operation 2. Mission 23, 02/03 Original
Operation 2. Mission 24, 02/04 Original
Operation 2. Mission 25, 02/05 Original
Operation 2. Mission 26, 02/06 Original
Operation 2. Mission 27, 02/01 Xenocide
Operation 2. Mission 28, 02/02 Xenocide
Operation 2. Mission 29, 02/01 X-Ray
Operation 2. Mission 30, 02/02 X-Ray
Operation 2. Mission 31, 02/03 Xenocide
Operation 2. Mission 32, 02/01 Exodus
Operation 2. Mission 33, 02/02 Exodus
Operation 2. Mission 34, 02/03 Exodus
Operation 2. Mission 35, 02/04 Xenocide
Operation 2. Mission 36, 02/03 X-Ray
Operation 2. Mission 37, 02/04 X-Ray
Operation 2. Mission 38, 02/04 Exodus
Operation 2, Mission 39, 02/05 Xenocide - Operation 2 final

Operation 2 contains 19 missions:
6 Originals,5 Xenocide, 4 X-Ray & 4 Exodus missions. All the early / average missions of all big campaigns.

Operation 3 - Briefings: (+10 Missions with Exodus mission as operation final)
Operation 3, Mission 40, 03/01 Original
Operation 3, Mission 41, 03/02 Original
Operation 3, Mission 42, 03/03 Original
Operation 3, Mission 43, 03/04 Original
Operation 3, Mission 44, 03/05 Original
Operation 3, Mission 45, 03/06 Original
Operation 3, Mission 46, 03/01 Xenocide
Operation 3, Mission 47, 03/01 X-Ray
Operation 3, Mission 48, 03/02 X-Ray
Operation 3, Mission 49, 03/03 X-Ray
Operation 3, Mission 50, 03/01 Exodus
Operation 3, Mission 51, 03/02 Xenocide
Operation 3, Mission 52, 03/03 Xenocide
Operation 3, Mission 53, 03/04 Xenocide
Operation 3, Mission 54, 03/04 X-Ray
Operation 3, Mission 55, 03/02 Exodus - Operation 3 final

Operation 3 contains 16 missions:
6 Originals, 4 Xenocide, 4 X-Ray & 2 Exodus missions. All the early / average missions of all big campaigns.

Operation 4: (+12 Missions with Xenocide Operation final)
Operation 4, Mission 56, 04/01 Original
Operation 4, Mission 57, 04/02 Original
Operation 4, Mission 58, 04/03 Original
Operation 4, Mission 59, 04/04 Original
Operation 4, Mission 60, 04/05 Original
Operation 4, Mission 61, 04/06 Original
Operation 4, Mission 62, 04/01 Xenocide
Operation 4, Mission 63, 04/02 Xenocide
Operation 4, Mission 64, 04/01 X-Ray
Operation 4, Mission 65, 04/02 X-Ray
Operation 4, Mission 66, 04/03 X-Ray
Operation 4, Mission 67, 04/03 Xenocide
Operation 4, Mission 68, 04/02 Exodus
Operation 4, Mission 69, 04/03 Exodus
Operation 4, Mission 70, 04/04 X-Ray
Operation 4, Mission 71, 04/05 X-Ray
Operation 4, Mission 72, 04/06 X-Ray
Operation 4, Mission 73, 04/04 Xenocide - Operation 4 final

Operation 4 contains 18 missions:
6 Originals, 6 X-Ray, 4 Xenocide & 2 Exodus missions. All semi-late missions of original & big user campaigns.

Operation 5: (+10 missions with Original Final as Final of Original Overriding Ultimate Campaign Merge)

Operation 5, Mission 74, 05/01 Original
Operation 5, Mission 75, 05/02 Original
Operation 5, Mission 76, 05/03 Original
Operation 5, Mission 77, 05/04 Original
Operation 5, Mission 78, 05/05 Original
Operation 5, Mission 79, 05/01 Exodus
Operation 5, Mission 80, 05/02 Exodus
Operation 5, Mission 81, 05/01 X-Ray
Operation 5, Mission 82, 05/02 X-Ray
Operation 5, Mission 83, 05/03 X-Ray
Operation 5, Mission 84, 05/01 Xenocide
Operation 5, Mission 85, 05/03 Exodus
Operation 5, Mission 86, 05/02 Xenocide
Operation 5, Mission 87, 05/04 X-Ray
Operation 5, Mission 88, 05/04 Exodus
Operation 5, Mission 89, 05/06 Original - Operation 5 - Game Ending

Operation 5 contains 16 missions:
6 Originals, 4 X-Ray, 4 Exodus & 2 Xenocide missions. All the late missions except of one X-Ray which needs further improvement.

v2.0 Changelog (March,27th,2017)

MCG Darkest Hours "done"-list


  • rewrote campaign file (90 missions as single campaign)
  • remastered original mission 1
  • added remastered mission 1
  • updated 91 files
  • created 80 new files
  • rewrote /
  • rewrote, &
  • rewrote master definition file for campaign start
  • recreated start0.pkk for new campaign
  • created *.fst with purchase data and new warriors
  • created new artwork for new warriors
  • created eight new warriors for original campaign
  • created new *.fst file for artwork
  • updated pilots descriptions and stats
  • fixed bugs with new pilots showing up in missions, before they where available in shop before getting them on mission, fixed that and replaced missing ones in the early campaign with new ones
  • fixed bug in purchase files created by solo and tutorial missions who's purchase files seem to be hard-coded.
  • fixed new pilots stats and ranks

Expansion Campaign:

  • created new campaign masterlist
  • created new masterdefinition and initstore
  • updated start0.pkk
  • upgraded and redid purchases
  • merged original, DSC, Bengal & Turncoat user campaigns (90 mission campaign)
  • updated purchase files
  • introduced 1280X768 resolution (Widescreen)
  • introduced 1280x1024 resolution (4:3)
  • introducing some more unique warriors
  • created 20 new pilots for expansion campaign (including all vanilla pilots with better skills cause expansion is storyline further than having just greenhorns at start)
  • created new start menu (artwork patch)
  • created two optional music files for game
  • added a better mech startup at begin of the campaign. New start0.pkk just needs to be put in ur ultimate savegame folder. In-game you can start new campaign with better mechs & equipment in the beginning. Calling this startup the normal difficulty startup for ultimate. In v2.0 this will be the original ultimate 2.0 startup. The other one remains in game and be activated by the player self if he wants to challenge a harder beginning with vanilla mech startup.
  • solved new warriors skillbug


  • new warrior artwork (pictures for inmission and logistics)
  • new warrior descriptions (purchase & logistics)
  • (For beta testing) - mixed tech patch for solomissions and multi-player


  • First multi-player file update to make game mod compatible to gameranger
  • most multi-player files are corrupted but I'm working on a solution to "activate" them and making multi-player features finally available for all players
  • (d) colossal includes 2.0c multi-player feature (d) that works!
  • activated 46 available multiplayer missions - able to play on gameranger from

v2.0 Final Original Campaign Merge

including Original Missions

I Managed that what people called "impossible". My Mod is done (i still will work on it and of course add the original missions into the user campaigns later).

RizZens Remastered Game Version:
Now i can describe the whole package!

This NEW VERSION of Mech Commander Gold Original contains 120 playable campaign missions playeble in two different Campaigns.

Basic Campaign
RizZens Original Overriding Basic Campaign contains 90 (original 30) playable missions.

  • 20 new mech warriors
  • +60 new missions (original 30 maximum // 30 original work in progress to add by time)
  • 30 original missions remastered (ABL scripting process began, atm they only work most not finished yet)
  • working purchase files and logistics for all missions
  • Exodus, X-Ray & Xenocide Campaigns similar as one campaign

Expansion Campaign
RizZens Original Expansion Overriding Expansion Campaign User Merge

  • 22 new mech warriors
  • +30 new missions (original expansion 12 maximum // +12 Original missions who will be included when finished // +30 unknown possible to play expansion missions)
  • working purchase files and logistics for all missions

Recommended settings & knowledge for newbies

Short: How to install
  • download original iso file
  • mount iso
  • download MCG Original
  • copy content of Mcg Original to your game folder, better treat it as game folder
  • download my mod
  • copy/override content of ROOT in Original game folder u just created
  • Start game.exe in resolution you want and enjoy ULtimate Mech Commander Mod

What you can do when game not works in general:

  • install netframework 4.0 from microsoft if game doesnt work properly on WinXP
  • look into my MCG Link collection with further information
  • try original game exe or lower resolution settings, some missions don't work on high resolutions
  • send bug report to this forum

What you can do to provide game errors:

  • try to keep ur mechbay below 30 mechs (max u can keep is 50 mechs and vehicles at once)
  • try not to own more than 5-10 vehicles

Reason: Many enemy units and big possible in-game salvages can't be added when you own max numbers and going beyond can cause errors. Also in-game messages in purchase store remind you of that when ur getting to critical borders

Please feel free to add ideas, report problems or tell me your opinion about or if u feel there is anything unsaid left to do.

Now enjoy a suiting retro rts game totally overworked and running 2 campaigns with 120 missions to play, what is actually the biggest user made campaign ever done for MCG.

Regards RizZ

Remember my v1.0 thread? Do you remember magic? Now - 20 days after we had our "warm" welcome the things coming from hard-light productions came different than expected:

Nice work!
Thank you for bringing this old game back from the dead.

A few comments on your mod:
First exodus mission is too early in your merged campaign (you dont have enough heavy and assault mechs for 4 slots), nor money to buy that Atlas - its too slow for that mission anyway.

You made magic pilot green with zero gunnery available when there is no need for such a pilot (is there a way to add pilot picture?)

Found one more pair of campaigns digging through my old disks - will post on moddb soon... (have problems reading data from the disk)

Please update your post with instructions for compatibility mode for win 10 and win 8 users.

>> 30 March 2017 <<

The mission you talking about is mission 33 of my campaign. That's far beyond any other count of missions you do before that mission in comparison to original exodus. Opposite is the case. The 12 mechwarrior missions will be more satisfying then in any other campaign before. Remember there are a lot missions left to introduce in order to not only bring more quantity, but balance between missions. I wait for players reporting in detail what could be changed to make it more comfortable, compete able or whatever if needed.
To the pilot issue: Skills already fixed seems as if u still using my version 0.1 alpha. Did alot new stuff since then just update and paste my files again in ur game directory. The skull pics are just placeholders. I will remaster any tga when time has come. -DONE-

Artwork I'm doing at the moment. In the end my mod will be complete different look as mc original. -DONE-

And tell me if ur right with exo mission I believe it's all in correct order.


I thought I downloaded your ultimate version.

Exodus mission 1 showed as 5th or 6th mission (300t - 4 slots) and I had a few light and a few med mechs only.

On win 10 x64 it crushes often if it is not in compatibility mode - I posted instructions on my moddb page.
My monitor does not support 1600x900 so I played in 1440x900 and there is no single crush in compatibility mode (played 7-8 missions).

The Exodus begins then. You have to make up a better team in the previous missions when u have problem when exodus begins. That's well calculated by me.I introduced a mad cat to salvage in the first mission. To get the mad cat walk the new bridge to the southwest. Salvage the containers on the other side till mad cat gets his attention to you. Then run back over the bridge keep mad cat in distance hunting you.After Mad Cat passed the bridge your other starting units wait at the other sight to give him a punch via lighting the fuel containers on the bridge end up. The mad cat won't die 100% of them if he survives run away again ... there is a nother fuel depot right where the street to the containers with the two Saracens begins. If this is still not enough use the last gas tank right side across the road nearby a farm. It will need some tries but you can get a Mad-Cat in mission one.Above I've shown on pics what mechs you can have when Exodus starts to make it comfortable to play.



Appear weak. But be strong.


34pbbf6 1

If u think u play this like 5 min solitaire ur wrong. Playing this campaign is more comparable to a very long RPG. You are experiencing the Mech Commander background stories of all existent user campaigns including the original campaign when I finished to implement them. To play through isn't question of hours. Better count in days / weeks ... depends on ur freetime and skill.
When your starting mission one your really weak, that's right. You don't have much RP. In order not to suffer in Operation 1 you need to optimize your tactics and gameplay. The first mission for example could also be played with two mechs instead of three. Therefore you gain extra rp for using less than max. Tonnage on this mission. Other ways are mission objectives. You gain RP for successful mission objects (so far not much in the user campaigns that's right) - but exactly this is making game harder otherwise u would outrun enemies from the beginning.
So when you can end mission 1 by being lucky - salvaging Mad-Cat J and Uller for example you already have four mechs in mission 2, which is the first X-Ray mission.
Weapons you can buy but it costs RP and you may need them for other priorities. So don't buy weapons but try salvaging them in missions. Look for containers and Storage's or buildings who can be captured. Also vehicles can be captured and containing equipment from time to time. For example in mission one I gave some weapons by salvaging containers like 2PCC's. They are the ones near mad cat and can be put in it after salvaging and putting it to mech bay.
With the mad cat you can try lowering needed tonnage in following missions. The pictures above show how my team looked after doing what I described above. Some missions I did 5 times before I had a suitable salvage but this is the way it goes.
Later on there will be more missions with much salvage. In this campaign you could gain min. 12 MAD-Cats at the later operations. But when u can master the first two exodus missions (what is definitely possible, start team of its origin campaign was weaker) next X-ray and xenocide mission blocks give u chance to take a breath and gain more salvage.
When you do it like described above I bet you will ask for lowering RP in mission 20-40.

Btw: before u think about buying Atlas better get a refit truck for exodus mission in backhand and optimize ur weapon systems to raise damage.

Latest version
MCG Darkest Hours - Download Page

Old Thread Content
The pre-built for a standalone version began.My task is to bring up v2.0 (which will be a standalone) like other user campaigns you can download actually. Then you only need to download it and mount the *.ISO, no pre install of original folder necessary then anymore. -DONE-
The "Original" campaigns won't be remastered then. But they will be introduced. I will implement 30 more missions in original campaign and set them up as dummies. I will make them playable with simple mission objectives and some goodies and Easter eggs and maybe some things people asked me yet to implement. These 30 missions will take place at the beginning of each operation. This means each operation will contain 6 more missions.
You can see them as training missions when playing. The reason I do so is, that I want v2.0 prepared that way that remastered missions can be released later into existent standalone of mech commander gold game folders. - DONE - Campaigns are 100% Original!!!

But this is only one aspect. The other aspect are save games. My idea creating this mod was to give players the possibility to exploit the potential game had. In my opinion 30 missions for a whole campaign never was enough to skill up team of own choice. Each modification of the campaign (by enlarging) efforts many changes. In the final phase my modding is now I need this campaign mission order finished before the missions will actually remastered and can be called serious missions. Until then you should see these missions coming up soon and the final campaign built as standalone campaign mod.
When v2.0 is released there will follow the original missions as dynamic updates Task is not to corrupt save games while replacing the mission dummies later. When these basic original missions show up to you in-game don't expect much I only place some training stuff for skilling pilots there nothing comparable to old original missions. - not anymore, all missions work perfect! -

Other things that will take place in v2.0:

  • 4 more resolution exe to play - DONE -
  • nocd exe with only 640X480 resolution for testing or debugging - DONE -
  • pre installed editor/editor2, mission extender2 (only works with valid installation by original installer windows98//xp - DONE -
  • 30 more playable missions with working purchases - DONE -
  • the new artwork patch which is only optional now - DONE -

hi rizzen some amaxing work here and quite enjoying this as ive been trying to find mech commander for over decade now!!!!

whats the difference between "ultimate expansion" and "ultimate user merge"? this is different then what you show here and it has an Awesome on the main menu page and not a MKII??

^ thats the one im using, dif main screen pic then you show here?
>> 4th April 2017 <<

Ultimate-XXL User merge is Original campaign overriding. Ultimate-XXL Expansion merge is Expansion campaign overriding.
MCG Guide - look for single player campaigns to see mission order.
No they are both in same mod. I have another name later for the standalone but this name shows what I'm doing and is a good placeholder since my work is done. At the moment latest mod Combo is:Ultimate mod files above.- optional artwork patchSEE FULL VERSION 3.0 Links above!When you use the actual Mod of this site your having my version of MCG.


Today's background work:

  • finished 18 original missions to be ready to launch in existent campaign.
  • placed salvage on all depots and containers including the ones developers let empty in vanilla version
  • placed simple mission objective
  • placed one or some enemy units per map
  • implemented multiple different mission objectives
  • rewrote mission briefings
  • set all mission setting (like tonnage or available air support)
  • compressed files in order to work in final built

Maybe I can finish the other 12 next days. Then only expansion ... means 12 last missions left to be introduced before the standalone can come up.
- DONE -

v2.0 Recreation process of
Vanilla Original & Expansion Missions

Remastered salvage and some mission objectives and units placed on 8 more original maps. Now only missing missions to be reset as blank training missions to work in my major campaign are:

  • 05/02 - done
  • 05/03 - done
  • 05/04 - done
  • 05/05 - done
  • 05/06 - done

And still the 12 expansions I need to rewrite. -DONE-

Maybe I can finish the first campaign missions for introducing in mod today.

Today end
Managed to rewrite three more missions. Now the only ones left to be created are original campaign missions:

  • 05/05 - done
  • 05/06 - done

Don't wonder when you find the one or other "blank" mission in campaign. Some of the maps of original campaign contain too many objects. The editor may open them (sometimes) but it can't save them after adding just some rare troops. Editor refuses to save then - this means that these missions need to be scripted in abl part of the remastering process III. Process III is the last step so until finished enjoy the original missions which are blank as training missions with much salvage for free if u don't kill the one only enemy on the field before taking all the unguarded depots around an empty area. When I would play this waiting for finished version I would enjoy the privilege of beta testing the work of passion which will be the salt and pepper in a finished ultimate mod. - Problems Solved by bringing back Original Missions 100% -

Open List for expansion campaign original:

  • 01/01 - editor part 1/3 of remastering process done
  • 01/02 - editor part 1/3 of remastering process done
  • 01/03 - editor part 1/3 of remastering process done
  • 01/04 - editor part 1/3 of remastering process done
  • 02/01 - editor part 1/3 of remastering process done
  • 02/02 - editor part 1/3 of remastering process done
  • 02/03 - editor part 1/3 of remastering process done
  • 02/04 - editor part 1/3 of remastering process done
  • 03/01 - editor part 1/3 of remastering process done
  • 03/02 - blank mission (spawn point & 1 enemy unit only to finish, no salvage, no working infrastructure, only kill all mission objective) / -DONE-
  • 03/03 - blank mission (spawn point & 1 enemy unit only to finish, no salvage, no working infrastructure, only kill all mission objective) / -DONE-
  • 03/04 - blank mission (spawn point & 1 enemy unit only to finish, no salvage, no working infrastructure, only kill all mission objective) / -DONE-

First number is Operation- and 2nd number is Mission-number. So 14 more no missions preparing to integrate in my mod soon cause it´s finished. That would gives 90 missions in original campaign merge and 42 missions in expansion campaign merge. That makes my version of MCG biggest containing single-player campaigns ever. Absolute world-record. Then... ... finally all Original Missions and User Campaign missions which got distributed as bigger standalone versions are merged in two major campaigns in which you can play straight through whole mech commander story without transferring save data to other campaigns by simply playing them as a one.
- DONE -

Means you can play 132 single-player campaign-missions total in two separated campaigns then. And not only 20 missions... new start 16 missions... new start.... Fuck off what a hell of work that was!

Next milestone to standalone version

v2.0 is ready to download (look opening post download area). - Download MCG-DH-v3.0 FullVersion -
I cant use this forum for upload anymore. Modfiles became to large for being attached. So please use the googledrive download and report if it works. I look for other platforms to offer standalone built later. Have fun playing.
This merge isnt finished yet, cause some missions really are only dummies. But the way it is built now i can update your versions anytime and im willing to upgrade it further. The big advantage YOU have now is, that this version will be same as standalone version.
You can say by enhancing your MCG Gamefolder you already upgraded it to a new level. Now enjoy & report me if there are any problems or bugs. I will see how solve them. I hope you like my Easter present, hehe.

New package includes in detail:

  • new artwork
  • Main menu redesign
  • New buttons for edited mod content
  • (All blue buttons contain not modded game features options and functions)
  • Main menu music file (optional)
  • Logistic menu music file (optional)
  • resolutions for 3:4 monitors & widescreen
  • +3 additional resolutions (including a no CD version for testing)
  • +20 new mech warriors to play in both campaigns
  • +89 missions total in two campaigns
  • remastered original map scenarios and campaigns
  • Xenocide & Bengal Campaigns
  • X-Ray & DC Raid campaigns
  • Exodus & Turncoat campaigns
  • expansion campaign merging all big single campaigns ever made for MCG, the expansion includes campaigns
  • Original expansion (12 missions not ready yet)
  • DC Raid (6missions)
  • Turncoat(12 missions)
  • Bengal (12 missions)
  • all in all 42 missions when done (now it has 30 missions 12 original expansions in work)
  • original campaign override merging all big original & user campaigns ever made for MCG, the override of original contains following campaigns: Original missions (30 missions); X-Ray (26 missions); Xenocide (19 missions); Exodus (14 missions)

89 missions total ready to play in a single campaign and in a playable order mixed like playing only short blocks of certain campaigns switching between stories. Last plans are complete artwork redesign, completing original missions remastering by scripting, balancing, introducing optional weapon, vehicle & tonnage mods (maybe mixed tech options later), standalone built, integrating last missing missions and campaigns of smaller builts such as mech warrior campaign missions or the Russian repulse mod, warrior artwork, warrior pics inmission & logistics. - DONE -

This makes MCG playable in a way I wished for myself as player.

With this vision I started to mod the shit out of this retro game I loved so much. Making this mod is my tribute to this awesome real time strategy game.I played and modded many games. Such as X-com, master of Orion, birth of federation, command and conquer, all editions till tiberian sun and many other games... ... but this is my personal masterpiece.

Whenever I play mech commander now and in the future it won't be that old feeling like: I know the potential but the way developers did left many open wishes behind... - no it willbe a satisfying journey through battlemech universe basic stories compared in a single built mod upgrade what gives players nearly unlimited possibilities.
Playing this and loving to play is the one thing. The other is to start modding yourself and form a game the way you want. But aslong I'm working on it I will do it this way, muahahahaha- pilots skill bug is noticed (first 8 new pilots) - bugfix will come soon - DONE -

This is really awesome! Thank you so much RizZen for all the work you did to bring this to us.

I am having a blast playing through this game again.
>> 9 Apr 17 <<

Ty mate, your feedback is my motivation

Therefore the skillbugfix is out ealier
--- Download Page v4.0 ---
You find a readme how to install. If you already have downloaded a patch of mine once you know how it works. (Easy copy & paste)
Finished remastering Operation 1 & 2 today. Later updates of these missions will follow but this can last some time. *.abl scripting missions to add what can not be done by editor or extender i will do later per hand manually in *.fit files. To spare time i try to let write most of the code by editor by bringing him to the limit he can offer for each existing map. Some maps are already finished missions but in some maps there need units to be added and some brainfiles fixed. The way i do i try finish game this way players can already play similar hehe. So when you start playing my mod the first 40 missions you wont really notice much differences from the real campaigns. Some warriors from ingame missions need to be added later but be patient im still working on all of this.

And added a complete remastered original Operatin 2, Missions 1-6.
Other Map upgrades will follow:
Operation 3, Missions 1-6 (actually these missions 80% dummies)
Operation 4, Missions 1-6 (dummies with low unit count but much salvage)
Operatoin 5, Missions 1-6 (just for fun i did try to finish last missions, but they also need scripting later)
Later then expansion original will be introduced in expansion campaign:
Operation 1-3, each missions 1-4 (12 more missions later to play in expansion campaign of my modversion)
With Version 3.0 all 42 original missions are completely remastered! - DONE -

v2.0 Development thread
Purchase files

Thanks for the awesome mod!

I do have a question about modding...

I was able to unlock the expansion mechs/components into the original campaign for this mod, though I'd like to have them unlocked mission by mission instead of unlimited or a preset starting amount. Where would I find the correct files to determine when mechs become available for purchase, specifically for your mod?
>> 16 Apr 17 <<

In order to edit purchase-logistics you need to edit a bunch of files. That longer campaign is, that more files will have to be edited. In your case the files needed to change are:

--- Multi-Player Master-Purchases ---data\missions\ - general clan shop (must be synchrone to other purchases)
data\missions\ - general IS shop (must be equal to other purchases)

--- Solo-Missions (Single-Player) Master-Purchase ---data\missions\
data\missions\ original purchase master
--- Single-Player Original Campaign Merge Purchase mission files ---

  • data\missions\ all original campaign purchase files

--- SoloMission ; Single-Player Master Purchase files for mission order ---data\missions\

--- Single-Player Expansion Campaign Merge Purchase mission files ---data\missions\ Expansion Purchase master

  • data\missions\ all Expansion purchase files

Warrior Files

  • data\missions\warriors\PMW00064.FIT - the warrior files ive edited in my mod

Purchase/Logistics - Description - Unit index file

  • data\objects\ - descriptions

These are the files to change the general database. To get no errors atleast masterdefinition and purchase definition file of each start0.pkk/xstart0.pkk needs to be updatet otherwise changes wont show up ingame but some nice logistics crashes. Hope it helps.Edit: Ahh forgot to say in my mod these files are packed as *.FST files. The file you are looking for is 01_PuWa.fst -> it contains all shopfiles for campaigns and updated data for warrior pilots. Later vehicles and mechs can follow. You can simply extract the files from the PuWa fst with cMunsta tools.
Im thinking same way like you want to make some changes there too. But to have that finished already it would need one more of my kind ^^.

v2.0 Development thread
Editing / recreating original missions

I would like to keep the gameplay of my mod 99% vanilla, including vehicle, weapon and tonnage mod for example. Aslong not enough people tested them I only will offer them as optional updates soon. They should simply work by installing without any further settings.

On my turntable at the moment:

  • *.abl scripting on Original Missions 01-30
  • introducing the missing 12 Expansion Original Missions to the expansion campaign merge
  • *.abl scripting on Expansion Missions 01-12

The editor & extender make some trouble working together need to change the order im handling the remastering process. I found out that editor cause problems that moment you verify deeper changes with extender. It seems if you have to do first all what u can do with editor, then doing work on the extender and last step working in abl libraries of missions. If you abl first the extender and editor refuses to work on, if you first do editor then extender but go back doing changes with editor the editor crashes. So I'm forced to that order:

3 Phases of Existent Missions - Recreation for Remastering process:

  1. Editor work -> introducing see if works
  2. Extender upgrade -> I introducing see if salvage and other upgrades work
  3. Abl scripting -> manually writing/correcting editors and extenders "bugs", files & finishing the codes they can't handle -> introducing, testing, rebalancing and see if works... when 3 of 3 phases are passed the missions are ready to be introduced without bugs or deeper issues.

So it's still a long journey that's why I introduced the finished merges and warriors first, it was "the easy" step, if u can call so. - DONE -

End of day
Remastering process part I finished for expansion missions 1-9. After I finished the editor process I will only add salvage with extender and update mod with the pre-built original missions. When introduced mission 01-42 of Ultimate Expansion campaign will be done. - DONE -

Task for next days

  • Finishing remastering process part I - DONE -
  • creating 12 new purchase files for expansion - DONE -
  • updating expansion campaign with new missions - DONE -
  • recreating working start files for campaign - DONE -
  • starting process part II - extender mission objectives payment, salvage in detail (forgotten salvage structures) preparing file for *.abl scripting process part III (total recreation & balancing) - DONE -

Future plans

  • process part III by a longtime run - DONE -
  • new artwork - Partitionally DONE -
  • complete mission briefings update changing ops and mission numbers to be synchronized with savegamefiles to -Still Future Task-
  • adding last missing (not working) mission from X-Ray campaign - DONE -
  • making 10 more missions for original merge (myself this time - new maps / scenarios / story / video -Still Future Task-
  • adding 58 more missions to expansion - to play along after regular storyline ends. -Still Future Task-


  • only 03/04 of expansion left for process part I - DONE -
  • Part II - extender work starts tomorrow - DONE -
  • introducing working Mission Prototypes in mod Expansion then - DONE -

v2.0 Development thread
Ultimate 120 mission merge - v2.0

Managed to finish remastering processes part I&II on following Expansionmissions:

  • Operation 1 - mission 1-4 - DONE -
  • Operation 2 - mission 1-3 - DONE -

They are ready to be introduced into mod. Last missions gonna get to part II of the remastering process are:

  • Last mission from op2 - DONE -
  • Operation 3 - mission 1-4 - DONE -

So only 5 missions left for me to recreate. - DONE -

After this I make 12 new purchases for expansion and put them into existent campaign of 30 missions. - DONE -

But they are not finished yet. Process part III, the final remastering via abl scripting will be the last step. - DONE -

Orders here

  • place units which are missing - DONE -
  • recreating last missing mission objectives - DONE -
  • fixing salvage bugs (all containers and salvage buildings should contain equipment now) - Still on list -
  • fixing missing building links like turrets or perimeter alerts of missions - DONE -
  • overworking all artificial intelligences by upgrading mission brains of existent original missions. - DONE -

When this is done the original missions should work like vanilla with some small edits based on that some things may not be possible to recreate 1o1 - ... - and then I'm starting to add missions at the end of the existent campaigns with the task to enlarge each campaign up to 100 playable missions. This will include a new story placed in this battle Tech universe. This story I try to make 100% clean matching the existent story without logic errors by messing original story up.


  • Op1 expansion - DONE -
  • Op2 expansion - DONE -
  • Op3 X - 03/01 - DONE -
  • Op3 X - 03/02 - DONE -

Only two missions to recreate and bring to abl level.03/03 ; 03/04 - - DONE - ; - DONE -

  • ^^+ 12 new purchase files and final expansion campaign of mod will be introduced. - DONE -
  • Purchase files xPurchase29-40 created for expansion orginal - DONE -
  • And new - update expansion to 41 missions - DONE -

If everything works fine on Friday the last massive milestone to standalone game version of retro MCG will be done. For all existent requested source from community... wait till mod built update is done. - DONE -

I will upload

  • remastered cmunsta tools - DONE -
  • remastered pkk work tools - DONE -
  • all remastered missions source (for giving supporters a try to change the missing mission objectives for mod to be finished earlier) - DONE -
  • all purchase source & some descriptions - DONE -

The later updates will contain many solo missions although from ultimate campaign to be able to play as single scenarios or short campaigns. It is also possible to recreate each single campaign ... may loose autosave function then in solo-mission feature. - DONE -.

It's Done!

Finally merged succesful ALL original campaigns & the most famous user campaigns for MCG ever made:

1. XXL Original Campaign, Xenocide, X-Ray ; Exodus as one campaign overriding original campaign with 89 missions total!
2. XXL Expansion Campaign, Bengal, DSC-Raid & Turncoat as one campaign overriding expansion campaign with 41 missions total!

  • Recreated all 42 Original Missions in one Mod
  • remastered all purchase data files
  • added 88 new purchase mission files into existent system
  • added 20 new pilots total
  • remastered 15% of original mission objectives and units
  • packed 100% salvage on original missions
  • remastered original campaign
  • remastered expansion campaign
  • remastered expansion campaign original missions for ultimate expansion merge
  • created ultimate expansion merge (41 missions and 3 Operations)
  • edited and updated mission Turncoat 03/04 - you dont get 4 Allies at the beginning. HITMAN, HUNTER, HAWK ; BEAST forced errors... so i took them and their catapults out. Therefore you start with +260 tons of dropweight and can use 12 mechs instead of only 8 in this mission. This should compensate the missing warrior gifts.
  • remastered all expansion purchase files and corrected many bugs

MCG Ultimate Starting Screen 1

Next steps before final standalone will be done:

  • finish work on 20 new warriors - DONE -
  • introducing new warrior artwork - DONE -
  • introducing new warrior assigned artwork - DONE -
  • introducing new warrior descriptions - DONE -
  • reworking main menu artwork - DONE -
  • balancing purchases (alpha version is unbalanced and overloaded with some items, this will change) - DONE -
  • renaming Ultimate mod (which was the mod for original game folder) to "Darkest Hours" (will be the standalone name of this new evolved MCG version fanmade) - DONE -

And then

  • new story - DONE -
  • new missions (approximately 20 new missions till final new campaign built is done (maybe 50 missions depends on some developments) - DONE -
  • final remastering original missions forming them as close to original game physics like playing them vanilla by a long time run or faster when community helps. I will upload all original mission .abl files then to help supporters with abl experience to create or offer the files they need to change and edit missions in order to make them complete. Which will be a lot of work... still. - DONE 100% -

To where it leads to now
The task I have is to create a better then "original" game folder. It will not only contain the ultimate campaigns but also a big load of solomissions to play. Alone the original missions I've recreated to be usable and editable for users contain 42 new solo missions. At the moment for most the start budget isn't enough to play it as solo mission successful but I plan to change that giving each mission a unique starting equipment later. Also smaller campaigns like the Russian repulse or a never finished mech warrior campaign I will try to introduce Map-Packs containing more than 100 SOLOMISSIONS and 130 Single-Player campaign missions.

So this will be a new heavy weight point of focus soon and the following:

Finally I try to make ALL missions I can MULTIPLAYER (64 Missions) compatible. This would bring up many new multi-player maps to compete soon. So my new standalone will contain all of this and will be usable for multi-player too. This always was one of my main interests. The work on multi-player part of game I will simply enjoy after walking through this nightmare creating the biggest ever existent single campaigns that game ever had. Enjoy this MechCommander Gold Version now being one of the first playing a complete remastered retro game coming as standalone soon. My personal Masterpiece.
Regards RizZ

Keep in Mind that the +20 New Warriors only work in Single-Player and Solo-Mission Features. On Multi-Player they are not released yet.
-- pictures deleted --

Download Latest Full Version 4.0- new warrior pictures for logistics & in-mission
- new warrior descriptions
- new puwa.fst, new rizzart.fst
- pure artwork patch

For complete MCG Darkest Hours MechWarriors Overview look here.

How to play MechCommander Gold - Darkest Hours via Multi-Player?
Last Edit: 12 Dec 18 by RizZen

Integrated Mixed-Tech into Solo-Maps; Multi-Player Missions!

In order to make my mod multiplayer compatible i have got the mixedtech patch from legend of mech commander online and build files which make mod multiplayer compatible with new master purchases for multiplayer, is and clan side and solomissions. This download can be downloaded and already used. I need many people to test these files in order to see if they work properly. If not i will take out some things of purchase again but with these files your being able to use all things in multiplayer and solomissions now with that patch - this gives you as players the full potential game offers to use ingame:

--- Download MCG Darkest Hours with integrated Mixed Tech ---

These files are just prototypes. - DONE - MixedTech is already part of game content v3.0 - They get more important later when mod goes online and multi-player as standalone. At the moment it is not quite clear what way it goes to make it multi-player usable cause there are different solutions at the moment. One solution would be great, bringing the existent multi-player community to full support and testing the remastered version I'm working on - or leaving them as they are with their modified game version and multi-player doing a vpn client for my mod only. It really depends on legend and his community where it goes. But the files I'm doing and the update I primary focus on MCG ultimate. And I never did anything else.Integrating legends online community into mod is the fastest way to get it online that's why I'm trying it. The problem at the moment is that legend is an alpha animal and I am an alpha animal. He wants something. I want something. I offer a solution where all can be happy with when it works later but he only wants his version updatet. At the moment I'm working out a mixed tech patch for existing multi-player from MCG online com just to show them what is possible. For mod these files already done and it's the stuff u can download above. It's the backbone for integrating multi-player later.

Latest Notice

First noticed bug
: Rename "MCXMultiplayer.exe" to MCX.exe otherwise gameranger refuses to take exe file for starting multiplayer. As hotfix a new mcx.exe who works with gameranger will come out next. Means the patch will be updatet with mp exe correct file name. - Problem solved in v3.0 -

Second bug
: Different players using same pilots may cause errors. This isnt quite tested but if it happens or turnout that using same pilots by different players during a session mixed tech patch needs another update to work - cause then warriors needed to be splitted into two sides. - Problem solved in v3.0 -

Third point: Each multi-player mission has its own mpk file to use in savegamefiles folder. It may be necessary to extract all mpk files, update their initstore and recompress them to mpk then. If it's needed I will bring it up with other fixes above this week. After I have done these three tasks and patched up mod with it it will work on gameranger playing multi-player like you can already do with the Multi-Player game folder I listed in my download section. - Problem solved in v3.0 - Multi-Player works on Gameranger now -
Last Edit: 12 Dec 18 by RizZen

Mod FeedbackI've got positive feedback from all sides. Multi-player works. So using this mod and updating to latest version 2.0d or above makes Mod Multi-Player compatible to gameranger. I recommend always using latest Version of Darkest Hours for Multi-Player for having lowest error-count.
MCG-DH User Feedback thread
MCG-DH Cutain call by RizZ
Actual V4.0 Development Thread

Ultimate mod: MCG - Darkest Hours now contains
- 89 original missions total
- 41 expansion missions total
- 95 solo missions (need to be activated - will be a *.sol file update) -DONE-
- 64 multi-player scenarios to play
- optional background music for main screen and logistics
- +20 new warriors to use
- remastered mixed tech patch for multi-player
- new game exe for gameranger (start game on gameranger by giving gameranger path to MCX.exe & opening or joining existing game)

Hope to see you on gameranger soon

For watching ongoing development go to

New Standalone Version - Development Thread (v3.0)
or have look into

MechCommander Darkest Hours Guide.

Last Edit: 12 Dec 18 by RizZen

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