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Masterwind is a total balance overhaul that takes a look at how to improve combat and game play for the Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

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What is it?

Masterwind is an deep re-balance of the Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. The mod includes drastic changes to weapons, armor, enemies, fatigue, and anything else that felt lacking when being compared to the newer Elder Scrolls games. Masterwind is not a graphical overhaul, there are plenty of mods currently out there that are and this modification is designed to work with them. Masterwind will not require any other mods to function other than the base Morrowind game and two expansions.

About me
I am an experienced indie game designer and modder with a 7+ year mod in development here on MODDB called: The Second Tiberium War . Elder Scrolls III was always a special game in my eyes that had tremendous potential that never truly realized it. After working on a Real Time Strategy modification for many years I find RPG’s such as Morrowind to be much easier to understand and I can apply what I’ve learned to make a quality modification.


- Combat Overhual
- Race stats and new benefits
- Starsign rebalance + 5 new ones
- Armor value, enchant, weight, and cost rebalance
- Weapon damage, range, speed, and enchant rebalance
- Enemy difficulty and combat prowess overhaul
- Clearer stat names and labels
- Complete Fatigue overhaul including hand-to-hand rebalance
- and more!


As I continue to work on the project I will post updates focused on one particular area such as weapon range or weapon type which will allow you to give feedback or ideas. Ensuring a quality product is my primary goal and with your support it will be a Guar-entee! Thanks and see you soon!



I'm someone who never played Morrowind back in the day,
and is looking for a way to play it with all modern sensibilities and QoL updates,
but without changing the game in any very meaningful way,
unlike, say, the Rebirth mod.
I'm bracing myself for just how dated this game's mechanics will be.
I want to make it as easy as possible on myself
while still getting the near-vanilla experience.

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Its not that i dont like this idea, i just want to see a proper overview video of it. Text doesnt interest me.

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Just help Tamriel Rebuilt or Heart of Veloti)

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Thanks for tackling such an important thing, Morrowind really needs to be balanced and tuned.

BTB did a very good job at it:
But he stopped and many things could still be improved.

Please make the game not too easy.
Keep up the good work.

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Ever_Valiant Author

Thank you, I have lots of things in store for Masterwind and ensuring a refined experience is my top priority.

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