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Jon Bon of Bon Ink Creations, publisher of Grave Prosperity, sits down with Mary Morgan, the experienced and seasoned voice actress who plays Miki Ridge, the games co-lead.

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Hi, could you state your stage name, and the role you've volunteered to play?
Mary Morgan - Miki

How long have you been gracing media with your wonderful voice?
I think its been about 5 years. And thank you for the compliment :)

Have you always wanted to pursue voice acting?
To be honest, no. I wanted to be in film and television for the longest time. But strangely, I think voice over chose me. Even as a child I remember one of my most cherished toys was a cheap tape recorder. In my early teens I even got a karaoke machine as a birthday gift. It took about fifteen years since then for me to realize I really belonged behind a microphone instead of on camera.

If any, who are some of your inspirations(other voice actors)?
Oh there are many! It's hard to list them all. A few are mentors to me. Pat Fraley, Bob Bergen, Richard Horvitz, Sue Blu, Jodi Benson, Paige O'Hara, Rob Paulsen, Tara Strong, Lani Minella, Katie Leigh, and the list goes on.

You have worked on full scale production teams before, in real studios and for pay, what made you decide to kindly volunteer your services for free to this free release indie project?
I have a fondness for indie games and I've helped out with other productions before this one. Something I've been seeing quite a bit is how countless talented independent developers are not getting a chance to get their work in front of studios or the opportunity to share their project with gamers. The internet is changing that obviously. I also like to contribute to individuals who develop their own games or films for the sake of wanting to be creative and not making millions of dollars. This is not something I can do all the time, just every now and then. We all need to make money, but we all have to start somewhere too.

Where can fans of Grave Prosperity who like your voice find more of your work?
I've voiced a variety of projects but I believe most people are likely to find my work through characters with I've voiced through FUNimation Entertainment. I think you can search my name on Anime News Network. I'm not allowed to share the titles of projects I've worked on very recently though as they're still in production. I just completed my first ever audio book called The Emerald Talisman, which is set to be released soon. I have a blog that I write every so often and I'm thinking of adding a podcast here and there.
My website is in the early process of getting revamped, but you're welcome to hear some samples I've posted on Soundcloud.
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Is there anything you want to say to future players/fans of Grave Prosperity?
Thank you for giving this game a chance. Please take time to look into more indie games as there are too many creative individuals working very, very hard to accomplish their dreams and they need the support of gamers like you.

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