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A new feature to give some more flavour to the mod is being worked on.

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Greetings! My deepest apologies if I haven't showed any updates about the mod, since the end of February and this two first weeks of March I have been busy with a lot of exams and I'm happy to say that I won't have any more until the end of May! Which means I have two whole months to work on the mod, and, if the time goes right, between mid april the Alpha will be ready to be released, if there isn't any more delays!

Now let's adress the elephant in the room, I have decided to add a new feature for the mod, which is, monarchs now have their personal weapons, under the name of Legendary Weapons, the nations of Calradia have a long history, many of said history is tied to past heroes, gods, etc. These weapons are unique, and most of them (not all of them), will have a unique model; these weapons will be fu**ing overpowered, so, watch out if you decide to attack the personal army of one of the monarchs.

If you want to know about them a lot more, there's a new article in MrXiskov's Calradia wiki:

I hope you enjoyed of reading about this new feature! Stay tuned for more in the future!

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