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List of map progress and explaination of how villages/bases will work

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So,the first castle (the sarranid-like one) will be the spawn point of the sarranid. It have one entry so camping it will be really hard (if you camp a castle you prevent people to get resources and buy stronger armor,so it's a really nice move,but if you camp a faction other factions can get free resources etc. etc. every action will have his aftermath).

Than we have a village and a mine to get resources (villagefor salt and mine for ore)

Second castle (the snowy one) will be the spawn of the nords

Than we have a village and a village by the river (river is uncrossable,you need use the bridge) (second village cotton third fish)

Third castle will be the rhodoks/swadian spawn (to be decided by the community)

And than the tower. The tower is different from the other resource point cause resources are at the top (linen) and you have to climb 3 stairs to get them (so be prepared for close quarter combat)

To be implemented: Khanate castle,2 resource nodes and mid castle

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