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Read below to learn what to expect from the Anarchic-x BAS mod, for the initial server opening & later releases.

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The Anarchic-x Base Assault mod isn't just a conversion of the United Offensive gametype, it's a complete rewrite of the code, optimized for the World at War engine.

Rollin Hard has scripted the gametype from the ground up, and the result is near perfect. It looks, sounds, feels and plays exactly as UO diehards will expect it to.


Of course, the graphic capabilities of the World at War engine are outstanding, so we've taken all necessary steps to ensure all UO map ports are fully up to these standards. This means a lot of extra detail is added to each map while maintaining very high frame rates. We like to think these maps will be among the best released for the game.


The World at War sound engine allows us to do incredible things, and really adds to the realistic war atmosphere. Sounds have realistic reverberation which changes depending on where you are in the map (even down to the room of a building you're in!), walls can muffle explosions on the other side, and distant sounds are very realistic. Each map in the Anarchic-x BAS mod has a complete & entirely custom sound package to provide a unique audio experience from map to map.


In addition to cleaning up the gametype code, Rollin Hard has added some features to bring the United Offensive feel back to World at War. For example, the satchel charges don't stick, and will bounce very similar to how satchels in United Offensive did. Also brought back was the Tank Capturing feature, in which you must wait a short time upon entering an enemy vehicle to capture it before you can use it in any way. There are many more features planned, and we'll update this page when they are implemented.


Upon the server opening, we will provide 3 maps. These are "Ardennes", "Farm" and "Ponyri" (all prefixes are mp_ax_).

Ardennes: This map was originally created by Drecks from After-Hourz ( and was a winter themed map. The conversion of this map by Rollin Hard is a summer theme instead with some small changes & lots of extra detail added. Size is large, nations are American/German.

Farm: This map is a new map by Cornrow Wallace, which is a summer theme with lots of hedgerows, trees and grass. Fans of the original Call of Duty may see a resemblance to the map mp_bocage, though Farm is by no means a conversion or remake of Bocage. Size is medium-large, nations are American/German.

Ponyri: This map is a rebuild/conversion (by Cornrow Wallace) of the very popular United Offensive map mp_ponyri. The map features many notable landmarks, such as a trainstation, a factory, a school, a church and a very tall water tower. Size is medium-large, nations are Russian/German.


The stock vehicles (T34 & PanzerIV) in World at War disappointed many players because to the drivers, they were too slow & difficult to use. And to the infantry, they were too hard to destroy and posed a big problem for low traffic games. In the Anarchic-x BAS mod, we use customized tanks that resolve nearly all problems. First, all tanks are unarmored, meaning they don't have a dozen pieces that can break off & give the vehicles all their strength. These modded vehicles are faster, easier to destroy and are much more fun to use & fight against!

We also have a usable Sherman tank for the Americans. This tank is a favorite of many players, and we're happy to see it back in action. A big thank you to Zeroy for making these tanks available to us!

What's in the pipeline

While we have many ideas and things we would like to try, only a few are concrete. Among these, are many new maps and a few new vehicles by Zeroy.

Maps: We have a huge supply of maps to choose from, and a good amount of them are already in the process of being converted for the mod. Among these maps are Foy (originally for UO by GMI, conversion by Rollin Hard), Vitebsk (originally for UO by Flipsen, conversion by Cornrow Wallace), Bastogne (originally for UO by Cornrow Wallace, conversion by Cornrow Wallace) and the remaining stock United Offensive maps.

Vehicles: Zeroy has been working very hard, and the results are stunning. With some luck, we will provide Halftracks, trucks, extra tanks and Flak 88's for all soldiers on the battlefield! Even in their early state these vehicles look & sound amazing.

all the above information is up to date as of 1-08-10

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