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A list of all custom maps with links to their downloads.

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Maps are not included in the download of Heroes of the West in its alpha state for several reasons. Keeping them separate means the map creators can update their maps independently from the mod. Also the steam workshop highly likely has a file size limit of 200MB very few games go above that and I have seen no file on the steam workshop larger than that for this game.

If any of you want to help make any maps for this mod then please read the information here.

Some maps will require the Environmental assets pack to run

The maps:

Donner by PFC Veld [29ID]

Saint Amand by nymets1104

Caen Outskirts by Commander Shepard

Saint Come Du Mont by nymets1104

Port De Brest by nymets1104

Coming soon:


Omaha beach

Juno beach

Point du Hoc

Some market garden map we haven't come up for a name for yet

Steam Collection of everything.

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