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A review of the first week's worth of posts on Manifest.

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Seven days in, eight posts down. This week, we discussed many interesting facets of Manifest, from design decisions to code revision. See the list for the full first week, January 26 to January 31.

  1. Manifest Development Blog: An Introduction to Manifest.
  2. Design Pillars: The Design Pillars that drive Manifest.
  3. More Than Meets the Eye: Far Sight: The development of Far Sight.
  4. Revision Ripples: Spiked Carapace: The ripple effect of implementing a new feature.
  5. Design Pillar #3: Shield Bash and Typhoon: Discusses two of the abilities in Manifest.
  6. Hero Revival: An Exercise in Revision Part 1: Writing the code for hero revival.
  7. Hero Revival: An Exercise in Revision Part 2: Revising the code for hero revival.
  8. Classic Mods: Don't Move the Tauren!: A tribute to the ingenious, psychological classic.
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