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A basic summary of the gameplay with the Mandalorian player class in Xim's Star Wars Doom. Added in version 2.8.8.

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The Mandalorian class starts off with a precision blaster pistol, a grappling hook and also has a wrist launcher with several firing modes.
The wrist launcher can be used at almost any time by pressing the User1 key, and the different modes can be selected with the User2 and User3 keys, the function is similar to how the Jedi class uses force powers. The wrist launcher uses batteries for power, batteries can be obtained from gauntlets and lightsabers and also from destroyed droids. Some other enemies might drop batteries after being defeated.

Here are the different modes for the wrist launcher:

WLP1A0Blade (1 battery) - A simple yet effective melee attack
WLP1B0Laser (5 batteries) - Shoots a single high velocity blaster bolt
WLP1D0Rocket (50 batteries) - Fires a fast moving mini-missile
WLP1C0Toxic Dart (100 batteries) - Poisons organic enemies for up to 600 damage
WLP1E0Flamethrower (50 batteries) - Shoots a short range burst of flame
WLP1F0Whistling Birds (500 batteries) - Rare seeker missiles fired in a barrage, very deadly but costly to use

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