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Here is the first release's feature list. The list is not final but there will only be small changes to it.

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- Admin System
- Entity System
- Account System
- 3 Custom Maps
- New Effects
- New Saber hilts and colors
- Ablitly to hit weapons(damage them or hit them out of their hands)
- New User Interface

  • Custom Main Menu
  • Inventory(in-game)
  • Custom Loading Screen
  • Custom Profile(Now called Work Bench)
  • Little Changes here and there(like changing a word)

- New Health System(Info down below)

Helath System
The Helath system is gonna be based off of where you hit the player. Lets say you hit a guy in the leg with a pistol. He will lose health from his leg health as well as his main health. If either one goes completely down he will die. Lets say you do kill him by the leg. His leg will come off at his death. The health system for the body parts will go like this:
You will get a certain amount of "points" for each body part. Lets say the leg has 15. a hit from the pistol would take off 1. A hit from a rifle would take off like 1-2 points. When you get down to 0 the body part is broken. One more shot and your dead.(depending the body part. Like you could lose a arm/hand but not a leg/chest/head.)When your arm is broken you cant use a saber/weapon with that arm. When your leg is broken you will be slowen down. I havent completey decided what body parts thar are gonna be. So far the parts are Head, arms, legs. I might do chest/ribs eyes(since it is hard to hit, 1 hit and you will lose some of your main health as well as be blured.) So far thats all i have on the system.

- More stuff to come!

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