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A list of features in TROW Mod and some changes from the vanilla game. TROW keep the gameplay of the Vanilla game ROTWK with the aim of expansion and implementation of enjoyable features and units but in a balanced way.

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Main Features

Now that the mod is released i think it's correct to enlist what really TROW contains and what changed from vanilla ROTWK.

Resource Radius

Nothing special and mostly a personal choice: TROW uses halved vanilla values for resource building radius.

TROW Radius
TROW radius

Vanilla Radius
Vanilla radius

This is useful for quicker matches and bigger armies but most importantly, is necessary in vanilla maps expanded to allow more players for a better use of the small space.

Camera Height

The height of the camera has already being raised in many of the vanilla maps and all of the new maps.

TROW Camera
TROW Camera

Vanilla Camera
Vanilla Camera

A higher camera allows a better strategic view of the battlefield and an easier management of units and buildings.
With the progression of the mod, all the available maps will use this camera height.

Expanded Vanilla Maps

Many of the Vanilla maps are now/will be expanded to allow 8 players.
These maps are just copies and don't overwrite original maps with the lower number of player.

Anfalas 6 players original version
Anfalas 6 Players

Anfalas 8 Playes new expanded version
Anfalas 8 Players

Many of the vanilla maps are very beautiful but may never be played because of the limited numbers of player.
With new expanded version every map is now pretty enjoyable with any number of players and friends you want.
(Some spawns are a bit bugged and doesn't allow IA Player to build but little changes will come and fix these issues, i suggest you to encourage the map-manager Bloodknight to do id ;) )

Expanded WOTR

The Historical War Of The Ring in TROW includes every region while starting units and dominion changes from vanilla.


WOTR Dominions
All the West and North part of Middle Earth is added to the Historical game with a specific starting region for every subfaction:
- Gondor: Gondor,
- Rohan: Rohan
- Fallen Arnor: Fornost
- Lindon: Lindon
- Rivendell: Rivendell
- Mirkwood: Mirkwood
- Lorien: Lorien
- Erebor: Erebor
- Iron-Hills: Iron-Hills
- Dale: Celduin
- Ered Luid: Ered Luin (not already added)
- Mordor: Mordor+Dol Guldur
- Harad: Harad+Umbar
- Rhun: Rhun
- Khand: Khand (not already added)
- Isengard: Isengard
- Dunland: Dunland
- Spiders: Dead Marshes (will be changed in Shelob Lair whe added)
- Misty Mountains: High Pass+Caradhras
- Ettenmoors: Ettenrmoors
- Gundabad: Gundabad+Carn Dum.

WOTR Leader
Plus every subfaction has/will have it's own faction leader as a WOTR Leader in the game:
- Gondor: Boromir+Faramir
- Rohan: Theoden
- Fallen Arnor: Aragorn
- Lindon: Cirdan
- Rivendell: Elrond
- Mirkwood: Thranduil
- Lorien: Celeborn
- Erebor: Dain II Ironfoot
- Iron-Hills: Thorin Stone-Helm
- Dale: Brand
- Ered Luid: Ered Luin Lord (not implemented yet)
- Mordor: Witch King
- Harad: Sakhra, Black Serpent (not implemented yet)
- Rhun: King Aralik (not implemented yet)
- Khand: King of Khand (not implemented yet)
- Isengard: Hurak+Lurtz+Sharku
- Dunland: Faolan
- Spiders: Shelob
- Misty Mountains: Lugbol
- Ettenmoors: Gorkill
- Gundabad: Agandaur

Changes in Mini-Hero Troops

Another important thing of TROW is the changes in Mini-Hero unique units available to all factions.
This feature added in ROTWK is now improved and valorized.
Mini-Hero are separated from the subfactions system, they should be available to every subfaction as an external/junction unit like some siege weapons and monster.

Men: Knights of Dol Amroth
Elves: Noldor Warriors
Dwarves: Juggernauts
Mordor: Black Numenoreans (Nazguls are now single unit heroes in the fortress)
Isengard: Arquebusiers
Wild: Drakelings (Evolve to full adult drake as they level up)

Units and Heroes

Finally TROW adds a plenty of new units that can be recuited and played.

Every subfaction has\will have at least one hero (faction leader) and any other significant hero named in the world of Tolkien.
In some cases Tolkien leave us nothing of few to know about the civilitazions of Middle-Earth so i was forced to create new non-canonical heroes and leader to expand the game or use some anachronistc characters in a what-if like manner (Eg: Smaug, Bolg..)

TROW doesn't want to outdistance the Vanilla gameplay, just add more immersive choices in it.
So like any other changes, the added units mean to fill up the actual gameplay and allow a single subfaction usage for funny self immersion in skirmish matches and WOTR.
A detailed list of units added and changed will be posted next in a dedicated article.

This ends the main list of features and changes, any question from you is welcome.
More information for each subfaction will be added in the next articles.

Thank to all for your support!

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