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A Review And A Brief Commentary From The Lead Beta Tester Gives Insight Into The Genre And Nostalgia Of Machine Made: Rebirth

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My Review of the Game;
Machine Made
Relive Challenging Nostalgia in Modern Times

Machine Made is nostalgic. It pays homage to the challenging turn based role playing games that newer generations may not have heard of or been exposed to. Games like Chrono Trigger that required tactics, patience, and dedication to complete. If the player is patient as they work through the game they will find many extra items, and secrets to enhance the game play experience.The music is unique, as it is all composed by a musician. This was an element of the game that is absolutely fascinating because the player never knows what they will hear as they progress. The music has been a good mix of high energy dance music, to calm road traveling acoustics, and very clever instrument combinations. The music in the cave in chapter one is one of my personal favorites.I am a big fan of steam punk and this is something that really makes the game stand out to me. The art style and sharp colors in the tile sets pop on screen and are very esthetically pleasing to the eye. The colors are cohesive and well selected to specify terrain and settings. The back grounds of the landscapes in chapter two were very well done.The item, and weapon creation system has lots of combinations that can accommodate a number of player styles. It is very easy to understand. When it has been done there has been a picture showing what the player can make which is a nice extra visual instead of just reading text.The game play is very fluid the characters move at a good pace, and the menu is very easy to navigate. Each item has a description for what it does, even in combat. The story is rich and complex and has several shocking twists and turns.

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