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Hello there,

I have been hard at work finishing the Casino Royale engine recently and I am officially ready to move onto the Skyfall engine. One of the biggest things I plan to add for the Skyfall engine is a lot more control in lua; Previously, you would type out simple strings and it could get confusing when mixing up function calls. Now, we are going to re look the lua system and make a simpler system so you can get more out of your game and have control not only what's on the scene but the engine's internals also!

One of the first lua functions I plan on adding to the skyfall engine is: Create_Sprite. In the old engine you would setup the sprite in a very confusing manner like this:
create_sprite(Sprites name, tilesheet x integer, tilesheet y integer, position x, position y,width, height) and all of this other nonsense. But from now on I am aiming to really work on the user interaction and give them the ability to make the code a lot easier to read and a lot simpiler:
create_Sprite("Bobby") //BAM! DONE
Bobby::SetX(15) //Full Control Over
Bobby::SetY(10) //What Is Going On
Bobby::SetupPath( 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60) //Simple AI Movement

So as you can -> Super simple, more control and easy as hell. In the piece of code above, not only have we setup our entire sprite but we have given him and entire movement path with only one line of code!

So thanks for listening, please email me with any questions you may have at:,

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