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The Lizaanj backstory, units preview and tactics for the galactic council mod.

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The Lizaanj


There were many large scale wars dotting the galactic timeline as the Council began to emerge. Some larger than others. The Lizaanj, a race that had grown to a galactic power in those days by providing their services as mercenaries to the highest bidder in many inter-stellar conflicts, were always eager to cash-in on the fighting. Their entire economy revolved around creating warships and training troops to participate in wars that weren't their own, and business was good. That was until one particular war...

Two of the greatest factions of the time-- the Hiigarans and the Ojyiik, had entered into what promised to be a particularly large and sustained conflict. Both had gargantuan armadas and numerous allies to call upon, and neither had an edge. The Lizaanj landed the biggest contract in their history when they were able to convince the Ojyiik to buy their services. They poured everything they had into making one massive fleet, bristling with full-scale production ships, confident that they could crush the Hiigarans and their allies wherever they turned. It was one of the proudest and fastest-built armadas to ever to be churned-out in galactic history, but it was all for naught.

Just before the Lizaanj could join in the fray, the war ended abruptly-- unexpectedly. The Hiigarans had gained some new edge in Hyperspace technology that allowed them to move as only the Bentusi could up until that point-- seemingly without limitations. They had Far-Jumped a massive fleet right through Ojyiik defenses into the heart of their space, and forced their surrender. The Ojyiik, hopelessly defeated, didn't pay-up to their contractors. The Lizaanj economy was in shambles.

Whole fleets of mothership-sized craft were left to putter through space on impulse drives. The Lizaanj could not afford to bring their ships home; hyperspace drives simply consumed too much power. To this day some squadrons of massive vessels-- long forgotten or otherwise lost to their people-- still lethargically inch their way through the grey misty haze of the dust banks that make up much of their territory, crewed by the descendants of the jilted officers that first manned them.

But not all was lost for the Lizaanj. No one would do business with them after their tremendous gamble-- none except for another emerging power of the early days-- the Taiidan Empire-- who inexplicably bought-up all of their debt several years after the Hiigarans were exiled. Of course, that was a debt the Taiidan would not let them forget. After the economy began to pick back up, and a great deal of their former strength was regrouped, the Taiidan helped the Lizaanj to become a Galactic Council member, despite great skepticism. Since that time, due to an incredible amount of financial leverage, the Lizaanj have been loth to vote against Taiidan interests in any major decision of the Council. Though they initially admired the Taiidan Empire for sending the Hiigarans into a slavish oblivion, centuries of subversion by the Imperials eventually turned that admiration into resentment. When the Exiles returned, and the Council voted narrowly in favor of ending the Homeworld War and ceding Hiigara back to it's rightful owners, the Lizaanj were more than pleased to see the Taiidan brought low, even if it meant the return of the Hiigarans.

Tensions still remain between the Lizaanj and Hiigarans, as the Daiamid has been reluctant to give out any sort of reparations over a war that has long since faded from the memory of their people. The Lizaanj, suckered out of what would have been the greatest bounty in history thousands of years ago, have yet to give up the attitude that the galaxy owes them something.

While still under construction, there are a few important points we can share about Lizaanj strategy and unit types. They will depend greatly on well-armed Carriers for mounting strategic, mobile offenses. Furthermore, you can expect an emphasis on capture; a Siege Destroyer/carrier (Marine Frigate on steroids) are some of the projected units of their fleet. Likely they'll have units with EMP weaponry (not burst effects; more localized). And slow-moving fortresses for ships, many emulating the tall appearance of the Mothership


Thanks for posting this JKberna! I should've remembered to do it a long time ago...

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To be honest, I was literally amazed by the part about economy colapse and the forgotten mothership class vessels slowly cruising the empty space till today. This is a beautiful concept worth at least the animation, if not a mission or few.

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