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A list of all ships and units planned for this mod.

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Fighters and Bombers:

Interceptor-Class Fighter:
Main Fighter of the Phoenix, armed with 4 guns.
Fast, manoeuvrable and good firepower, but no shields and weak armor.
Special Abilities:

Revenger-Class Bomber:
Main Bomber, really simple design, armed with two guns and a torpedo launcher.
Slow, no shields, weak armor, but manoeuvrable and good weaponry.
Special Abilities:

Swarmer-Class Fighter:
More simple variant of the Interceptor-Class Fighter. Armed with only two guns.
It is much cheaper, but much weaker too.
Special Abilities:

Bushwhacker-Class Scout Fighter:
The biggest Phoenix Fighter, but only armed with 2 guns.
It is very fast, manoeuvrable and shielded, and its plating is heavy. This
ship is the perfect scout unit. It is fast enough to suddenly come in, and
its defense is strong enough to last as long as needed to escape. And its
weaponry is also good.
Special Abilities: Sensor ping, ?For Phoenix?


Guard-Class Corvette:
Main Anti-Fighter Unit, armed with defense turrets and a rapid fire missile
Special Abilities: Self Destruction

Striker-Class Corvette:
A rare variant of the Guard-Class, it replaces parts of its weaponry with a bay
for a special small ship, which is capable of boarding a smaller vessel. This
tactic was used in the later stage of war.
Special Abilities: For Phoenix, Start boarding attack

Frigates and Light Cruisers:

Assistance-Class Frigate:
Support-Frigate, armed with defense turrets, heavy guns and rapid fire missile
launchers. It carries 1 Swarmer-Squadron.
Special Abilities: For Phoenix

Vindicator-Class Light Defense Cruiser:
An anti-fighter-vessel, its task is to fight against fighters and corvettes.
It is armed with some rapid fire defense turrets and a rapid fire missile launcher.
Special Abilities: For Phoenix

Cruisers and Destroyers:

Predictor-Class Cruiser:
Support ship, but also capable of performing attacks itself and hold its own.
It is armed with defense turrets, heavy guns, two turrets, few rapid fire missile
launchers and some mass drivers. It carries two Interceptor and two Revenger-Squadrons.
Special Abilities: For Phoenix

Vengeance-Class Destroyer:
This ship is unique in the Phoenix-Fleet, it is less wide and much more needle-like.
It's shape is not the same like that of other Phoenix vessels. It is armed with lots
of heavy guns, few defense turrets and some mass drivers, and a fore fixed missile
launcher. It is fast, but has low shields and no fighters. Its task is to attack the
enemy with great, relentless firepower at the expense of defense.
Special Abilities: For Phoenix, Turbo

Battleships, Carriers, Super-Large Vessels:

Phoenix-Class Battlecruiser:
The most mighty, impressive and dangerous ship of the Phoenix, a command vessel which
is capable of destroying smaller fleets on their own. If they build fleets with other
ships, they are even more powerful. Their weaponry: Some heavy guns, mass drivers, missile
launchers, defense turrets, six heavy turrets and a nuke missile launcher. This ship also
carries 4 Interceptor- and 4 Revenger-Squadrons.
Special Abilities: For Phoenix, Fire nuclear missiles


Disrupter-Class Support Cruiser:
This ship is armed with a big gravity generator, and some big wormhole generators.
It is capable of generating wormholes to destroy ships, make units faster, teleport
them or slow down the enemy. It needs to be defended, because it has only 1 Bushwhacker
Squadron and 8 defense turrets.
Special Abilities: ?Wormhole Attack?, ?Prevent Retreat?, ?Teleport?, Various increases
for other ships(automatic), Slowdown Effect on Enemy(automatic)




Fighters and Bombers:

Arkruit-Class Main Fighter:
Main Tecteron fighter, it is armed with two laser cannons and a torpedo launcher, and it
has shields. It is not that fast, but not slow too, it has no real weaknesses.
Special Abilities:

Entroit-Class Heavy Fighter:
Anti-Fighter unit with four heavy laser cannons, it is very fast and manoeuvrable, and its
shields are strong, but its expensive and not good in attacking bigger ships.
Special Abilties:

Entraikan-Class Heavy Bomber:
This is a slow fighter with moderate shields and plating, it is armed with a light turret
laser and two torpedo launchers. Despite its weaknesses it is really expensive.
Special Abilities:


Traik-Class Corvette:
A typical corvette, armed with some laser cannons, mainly on the middle part. This ship also
has a turret laser. It is fast, and good against fighters. ?It carries 1 Arkruit Squadron.?
Special Abilities: Defend(Power to Shields)

Frigates and Light Cruisers:

Urkai'tor-Class Frigate:
Main frigate, armed with lasers of various sizes. It also has a beam weapon. It carries 2 Arkruit
Squadrons. Like most Tecteron ships it has no real weaknesses.
Special Abilities: Defend(Power to Shields), ?Fire beam weapon? or ?Energy weapon?

Erkoi'tor-Class Frigate:
This frigate carries 4 Arkruit Squadrons and 1 Entroit Squadron. It is armed with various sized lasers,
but only half as much than the Urkai'tor, instead it has not only one beam weapon, it has two and a
torpedo launcher. Its only weakness is its slightly slowness.
Special Abilities: Defend(Power to Shields)

Enkoi'tor-Class Light Cruiser:
A ship, armed with lasers of all sizes, and a super-heavy ion cannon. It carries 3 Arkruit Squadrons.
Like other Tecteron ships it has no real weaknesses, only some slight. It is much more expensive than
the Urkai'tor.
Special Abilities: Defend(Power to Shields), Ion Cannon Shot

Cruisers and Destroyers:

Artraik'torrik-Class Cruiser:
This ship is armed with lasers, beam weapons and torpedo launchers and carries 4 Arkruit Squadrons.
Of course there are no real weaknesses, this ship has above-average shields.
Special Abilities: Defend(Power to Shields)

Enkartor-Class Heavy Cruiser:
A bigger variant of the Artraik'torrik. It is much slower, but its plating is much better too. It carries
4 Arkruit and 2 Entroit Squadrons, and it has some lasers more.
Special Abilities: Defend(Power to Shields)

Inkrektar-Class Destroyer:
A fast vessel with really lots of lasers and torpedo launchers, it also has a beam weapon and medium ion cannon. This ship packs a punch like one of the biggest battleships, but has only the shields of a
frigate or light cruiser. It is as fast as a corvette. This ship really isn't as other Tecteron ships, it has real weaknesses, like it only carries 1 Arkruit Squadron, but it also has some more considerable strenghts.
Special Abilities: Power to Weapons, Turbo(Power to Engines)

Battleships, Carriers, Super-Large Vessels:

Atraktan Command ship:
Battleship, armed with lots of lasers, light ion cannons, turret lasers and few torpedo launchers, It is also armed with a super heavy beam weapon and defense lasers. Carries 5 Arkruit and 2 Entroit Squadrons. Because of the strict command structure there is lack of admirals, who are the only ones, who are allowed to command such a vessel. That's why one admiral often commands more than one. This causes that the requirements for being an admiral became more, because their responsibilities became more too, and so, if they fail, the damage is much more.
Special Abilities: Defend(Power to Shields), ?Concentrate Fire?, Various increases for own ships(automatic)




Taktranik-Class Command Ship:
Ultimate Weapon of Destruction, able to destroy entire planets, and also ships. At the beginning of the war they had 1, but it got destroyed from a phoenix commander.(Death Star II Conversion)
Special Abilities: Fire super beam weapon, ?Various increases for own ships(automatic)?

Ekratin-Class Super-Large Battleship:
Ship with the firepower of two Atraktan command ships, twice as long and shields like three of them. This ship carries various squadrons and can be built once.
Special Abilities: ?Deploy squadron?, ?Ion cannon shot?, ?Various increases for own ships(automatic)?

?Others coming soon?


Starviper Fighter(Will be renamed):

Stealth-capable fighter with two energy cannons. It is fast and has good shields. Like all Entersian ships it has no weaknesses except its high price.
Special Abilities: Stealth, Absorb fire(automatic)

Vengeance Frigate(will be renamed):
Stealth capable ship with some mass drivers and high energy cannons. With a special command it spawns a field projectile, which is moveable. It can be activated, which cripples and stuns all near ships. This frigate has no shields, but heavy plating. Like other Entersian ships its only weakness is its high price.
Special Abilities: Stealth, ?Fire field projectile?, Absorb fire(automatic)


Cadanian Superiority Fighter(CS Fighter):
One of the best fighters in the game, armed with two medium laser cannons and a torpedo launcher.
It is shielded and fast.
Special Abilities: Hunt

Cadanian Experimental Drone fighter(CED fighter):
Unmanned fighter, armed with a medium laser cannon and a missile launcher.
It is not shielded but fast and cheaper.
Special Abilities: Hunt

Cadanian Gunship:
Its unique design features a well-protected hangar as well as 2 forward hevay twin-laser cannons
and 7 defense turrets. The heavy firepower of this corvette-sized ship is supported by one squadron of CED fighters.
Special Abilities: None

Cadanian Attack Carrier:
One of the best carriers in the game, armed with 6 high energy turret and 8 missile launchers.
It carries 12 squadrons of Cadanian superiority fighters, but its shields and speed are worse than average.
Special Abilities: None

Cadanian Battlecruiser:

The heavy hitter of the Cadanian Fleet, it carries 1 CED squadron and is able to defeat enemy
capital ships with ease, using its 8 medium high energy turrets, 3 heavy ones, 4 triple-missile launchers and 2 twin heavy laser cannons.
Special Abilities: None


Traik-Class Civilian Escort Corvette:
The Civilians purchased the battered corvettes of the Tecteron-Republic to escort their freighters.

Various freighter ships, more or less armed.



Phoenix Stormtroopers:
Attack Infantry, armed with rifles. They are fast, strong and can capture positions. A company contains 3 troops of 5 soldiers.
Special Abilties: Take cover, ?Stimpack?

Phoenix Commander:
This are commanders, who are genetically modified. They are faster, stronger and more intelligent than most people and they are generals, spies or special forces for the Phoenix. This unit has shields(!), which are telekinetic.
Special Abilties: Sticky bomb, ?, Shields(Telekinetic), ?Various other abilities(automatic)?

PM-HT(Phoenix Main-Hover Tank):
The PM-HT is an hover tank armed with two heavy guns. Strong shields, moderate speed and good firepower make this unit to the the Main Vehicle of the Phoenix, but it is expensive too. Because of this the Phoenix army has less units, but these are stronger.
Special Abilities: For Phoenix

MAL Rocket Vehicle(Will be renamed):
Attack Artillery, armed with a double missile launcher and a single launcher between them. It has strong shields and its plating is heavier than that of the PM-HT, but it is slower and more expensive.
Special Abilities: Deploy/Undeploy, Rocket Attack


Fast vehicle able to transport a single squad over the battlefield. I has no weapons.
Special Abilities: ?Turbo?/?For Phoenix?


Tecteron troopers:
Main troopers, ?armed with laser rifles?, ?or? ?melee units?
5 troops with 5 troopers.
Special Abilities: Take Cover

Tecteron PLEX troopers:

Big humanoids, carry a heavy weapon.
2 troops with 3 troopers.
Special Abilities: ?Take Cover?

Tecteron scout infantry:
Flying insectoids, which can see over a far distance and move very fast. They are the perfect scouts. Armed with plasma pistols. ?3 troops of 7 troopers?
Special Abilities: (High FOW Reveal Range)

T2B Tank(Will be renamed):
Fast tank with a quad laser, which is also a turret.
Special Abilities: ?Hunt?, ?Defend(Power to shields)?

MZ-8 Pulse Tank(Will be renamed):
A slow tank, overloading its big cannon causes a volley of heavy laser spouts.
Special Abilities: ?None?



Entersian Infantry:
Elitist Infantry, armed with energy rifles and proximity mines.
?2 troops with 3 troopers?
Special Abilities: Proximity mines, ?

Entersian Ground Fighter:
Fighters on the Ground, very powerful.
Special Abilities: ?


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