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Heres a list of the lighting effects and technologies that OCT-NINE has at it's disposal.

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Real Lighting - Our lighting algorithms are the result of thousands of hours of research over nearly 5 years. Even slower machines benefit from realtime radiosity lighting that supports dynamic geometry, dynamic lights, and no preprocessing. OCT-NINE delivers the world's first realtime global illumination solution that supports every physical phenomenom visible in real life - all in real time.

Fully dynamic physical lighting - All lighting is done in real time and thus the generation and precomputation of light maps required in most professional engine solutions has been eliminated, making development a much faster process.

Linear algorithmic complexity lighting - All lighting techniques are a linearly proportional to the quality in the scene. having 20 radiosity light bounces is only 20 times slower than 1 light bounce - this is an entire order of magnitude faster than traditional quadratic complexity ray-tracing techniques. Real time area and shape lighting - Create an unlimited number of shape and area lights that cast physically correct shadows at unbelievable frame rates. The unique structure of OctNine allows for hundreds of thousands of area and shape lights to be rendered at once using forward ray tracing. Create lights that are the shape of a window, a glowing monster, or anything else you can imagine - and have physically correct shadows and specular reflections from these area and shape lights illuminate your scene!

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