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Life is Feudal Sandbox MMORPG Features Overview. Be sure to start from that page ;)

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Period / full stop. Firstly it is so, because its combination of features is unique and can not be found in any game all at once.Secondly it is so, because LiF got its own unique features like mini-games, formation system, personalised alchemy system, hunger/cooking system and some others features, that can not be found in any other games yet.Many players like to compare our game to other sandbox or not that sandbox games and that is in generally right, because it helps them to grasp a feeling of some gameplay aspects. Therefore we want you to help in that matter. So...

LiF is ...

... like Wurm Online

in terms of free terraforming of surface and a tunnel building underground. BUT!

  • LiF's tunnel building system is 100% 3 dimensional. Making a tunnel passing above or under another tunnel won't make a shaft like it does in Wurm, but will leave both tunnel intact and perfectly solid without any shafts.
  • LiF's Free building system allows placement of pre-modelled buildings with a free rotation angle that results in less "cubic" way of settlements looks like.
  • And do not forget about other numerous game features ;)

... like Mount&Blade Series

in terms of melee, ranged and mounted no target physics combat. BUT!

  • LiF is an MMORPG, while Mount & Blade series have only limited numbers multiplayer.
  • LiF has innovative Formations system that brings new aspects into massive battles.
  • LiF has advanced combat aspects like full-body swings (hitting someone while standing on both your legs solid is much painful while hitting someone in the middle of the run or a jump), hit combos, activated abilities of differrent weapon skills etc.
  • And do not forget about other numerous game features ;)

... like Ultima Online

in terms of skillcap and statcap systems, inventory and some other aspects. BUT!

  • LiF has separate crafting and combat skillcaps, that do not force you to choose between combat and crafting or create additional characters.
  • LiF is newer and has full 3D world for bigger immersion into game.
  • And do not forget about other numerous game features ;)

... like Darkfall Online and/or Shadowbane

in terms of free PvP, massive siege events and global politics. BUT!

  • LiF game design conception is aimed to protect newbies and peaceful players from non stop ganking by PvP hungry players. That is planned to be achieved mostly by bigger impact of alignment system on player decisions. Player with negative alignement will loose significantly more skill points on death and should think thrice before ganking some newbie just for "Lulz"
  • Innovative Battle system will provide a clean, (*hopefully*) lagless instanced battleground, that won't be disturbed by 3rd parties and precise statistics will be calculated and stored in LiF history recordings. So participants will have a solid fact base to boast about their victories on forums ;)
  • LiF will contain tweaks on classical siege system according to our own experince of numerous sieges in DF and SB

... like EVE Online

in terms of general sandboxiness and massiveness. BUT!

  • LiF will give you bigger immersion to be able to directly control your character's body, rather just to give commands to your ship and observe continous animations.
  • LiF medieval setting should appeal more to you, if you are still reading that page ;)
  • And do not forget about other game features ;)
HeadClot - - 461 comments

I so want this!

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maxfifas - - 4 comments

Looks Promising!

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Auzar - - 44 comments

Cool! :D

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Lucaso12 - - 1 comments

Hope it's not another one of those sooo many projects that never end to perform, please finish that project I want to try it and I'm willing to buy it because it really seems worth it!

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Thenewmeme6 - - 11 comments

Hey man, it's out now on Steam and is playing pretty damn well. Check it out!

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Rylos - - 4 comments

Will it be... FREE?

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