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Thinking about what do I want LeTown Builder to be. Ever fired up a grand strategy, or town building game with amazing graphics and waited patiently for the loading screen only to be called away by "real life" before you could even start? Some games are just too large, and require you to sit in front of a desktop for hours. Others are on tablets but require you to be on-line, and make micro-transactions.

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LeTown Builder is a sandbox city building game which focuses on building and upgrading your town over a few minutes or long periods of time. Save your progress anytime/anywhere and pick it up later.

If you are a student, a wife, a husband, or a busy wall street tycoon you may not have hours and hours to spend pouring your life into a single game. However, most coffee break games are too short to have any depth. LeTown Builder is a time waster except with a feeling of accomplishment. I want the player to be able to go as deep as they want into the game, or stay in the shallow end, just keeping villagers happy. This article is not a list of "what's inside", but rather a vision of the game.

Key features and to be planned.
* Fast loading times.
* Exit any time, and anywhere.
* Save your progress on exit (or don't if you made a bonehead move)
* Random maps and multiple biomes.
* Random events that may or may not occur.
* A complex research and build tree.
* In game politics.
* 100% offline and single player, even on Andriod.
* No micro-transations ever. ( Donations appreciated)
* A hint of fantasy (but not too much)

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