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Mod Info

Mount Priority: 5-6

Conditional Range: 2100-2120
Transition Range: 6600-6620
TLK String Range: 200000-200100

Updates basegame conditionals using M3's Plot Manager Sync feature.
Conditionals updated: 772, 774, 839, 1138, 1269, 1274, 1374, 1490

Updates many TLK files using M3's GAME1_EMBEDDED_TLK merge feature.
Several fixes applied using .m3m merge mods to Startup_INT.pcc (and all localizations) and SFXGame.pcc

Made using Legendary Explorer

You can view the technical details behind all bugs fixed on our GitHub Issues page.

File Interdependencies

The majority of the fixes in this mod exist within a single file. If you were to use this mod's files in your own mod, these single file fixes would work for all users of your mod, regardless of whether they have the Community Patch installed.

Some fixes in this mod depend on more than one file from the Community Patch. This article details which files rely on other files. If you are to include one of these files with your mod, you need to either include all dependent files, or require users of your mod to also install LE1 Community Patch.

Chora's Den Streaming Fix

The fix for a streaming bug with some Chora's Den banter involves moving a conversation from one file to another. If your mod includes any of the following files from the Community Patch, it should include both of the other two files. If you do not, the banter will either never trigger, be triggered twice, or cause some other unintended behavior.

  • BIOA_STA60_04_DSG.pcc
  • BIOA_STA60_04_DSG_LOC_INT.pcc
  • BIOA_STA60_05A_DSG.pcc

Conrad Verner Fix

The Conrad Verner fix uses some a new transition and two updated transitions added by the Community Patch. If your mod contains our BIOA_STA60_02a_DSG_LOC_INT.pcc file, you either need to include transitions 6600, 3234, and 3235 from our mod, or require users of your mod to install the Community Patch. If not, the quest outcome will not register if any players choose to intimidate Conrad.

Conditional 1490 is also modified by our mod to update the Conrad Verner journal, but no game breaking behavior will occur if this is not updated. The quest may just be stuck in your journal if uncompleted when you start Ilos.

Eden Prime Object Pop-Out

An object pop-out bug is fixed by removing some objects from BIOA_PRO10_05_LAY.pcc and adding them to BIOA_PRO10_00_LAY.pcc. If one of these files is missing, some smoke and fire on Eden Prime will either be missing or doubled up.

Citadel Introduction Cutscene

There are four files involved in our updated version of the Citadel introduction cutscene. They are not truly dependent on each other (with the exception of the movie), but some unintended loading behavior could occur if one or more is missing. I recommend testing to see if your combination causes issues without the Community Patch.

  • BIOA_STA00.pcc
  • BIOA_STA20_10C_DSG.pcc
  • BIOA_STA20_A_Arrival_CIN.pcc - requires the next file to work properly
  • STA_ArrivalSEQ04a.bik - new movie

Captain Anderson Kahoku Bug

The investigate branch where you can ask Captain Anderson about the location of Kahoku uses a new conditional. If this conditional is missing, this investigate branch will not be available. The file for this fix is BIOA_STA20_10D_DSG_LOC_INT.pcc. The new conditional is in our PlotManagerDLC file with an ID of 2100.

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