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In Etras (the game's continent) there are eight kingdoms and realms with diferent cultures.

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In ETRAS the realms are not all friendly, live in war but that can be changed and the realms are:

  • Kingdom of Tristar: Also known as the northern kingdom,ruled by the family Seret, consists of great warrior to try to overcome the military force of pricinpal rival the kingdom of Saringoth, they do not accept the "champions of the gods" and this has made the kingdom passed by a civil war that separated the separated, their trade consists primarily of wool, they believe in the gods of the elements of life.
  • The Republic of Risaks: known as the western republic, is formed and led by diplomats and traders, has a well-trained army soldiers miniscule but specialize in defense and attack enclosures, accept the "gods of champions" but for religious reasons moved to "God of champions," say if supporters of freedom and peace as their ideal, the trade consists of selling leather and herbalisticas plants, believe in the unique belief god of flowers
  • The kingdom of Ubreskalia: known as Southwest kingdom, is governed by Sernia family who claim to be children of the phoenix mother, his military force is the soldier slaves but the only one who can ride birds are free and noble men, but the king differently noble when will the fight go with a phoenix, they are neutral as the existence of champions of the gods, as trade selling religious articles and sometimes some slaves, believe in phoenix mother with single god.
  • The Theocracy of Uraskalia: are known as the southern domain, governed by a great dad who lives to serve the phoenix mother, his soldiers are free and are not afraid to die and fight to the end, you get problems with various Ubreskalia as the official of Indepedencia, tambe are neutral as the existence of champions of the gods, as have the blacksmith trade and the sale of slaves infidels to phoenix mother , they have the same belief Ubreskalia.
  • The monarchical dictatorship of the center: Known as the central kingdom, ruled by generals and marshals who vote to see who governs them, separate from the Fukirniar empire by the influence of the republic of Risaks. they hate the champions of the gods, as trade selling fruit mass and gold, believe in the gods of the elements of life.
  • The Furkiniar Empire: known as East empire, is governed by Artel family, helped release the Kingdom of Saringoth, has specialized soldiers in defense of the territory, they support the campeõs of the gods, as they exchange trade gold and jewelry, they believe that the gods of the elements of life.
  • The reign of Riveosis: known as kingdom southeast, ruled by Riveosi family, all his soldiers riding on dogs and present danger were surrounded by a great wall, are neutral as the champions of the gods, sell dogs and their spoils of war as trade, believe that Riveosis family are their gods.
  • The kingdom of Saringoth: is the kingdom of the protagonist, is known as the northeast kingdom, are governed by families Troya, Horginold and Gobar, his soldiers are composed of champions of the gods, declared independence after the civil war Tristar because of the oppression that suffered from the family Seret.Como comécio sell metals and in case of extreme necessity technologies, believe in the belief of the gods of the elements of life.
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