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Details on one of Therium-2's new weapon: The Kendostick.

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I made a new set of attacks for TwoWolves' Kendostick, exclusive for Therium-2.
I made the attacks blunt so they don't cut enemies anymore, and it's actually a pretty fun weapon to use.
I allowed the ability to sheathe the kendo because I want players to be able to carry the weapon throughout the whole level. That, and sometimes in a fight, you'll want to switch between unarmed and using the kendo. Some targets like enemies with broadswords are easier to fight with unarmed too, so you'll have to switch to unarmed at times like that.

Since the attacks are completely blunt, you can block the attacks with your fists, so it creates an interesting style of duel.
Kendo v. Kendo duels last a pretty long time if you don't pull off some cheats, which makes sense because they're practically training swords anyways.

They won't be too oftenly found in levels, but when they are found, they're very, very useful.

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