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The Combat system of Agrath

The combat system will act different, as these ones on the most RPGs. We will be viewed to not only press a button and your character attacks. You will have to act tactically. Thus,
to vary the attacks of your char differently, you can make your own fighting style in your fighters guild (Something like a editor) or as a hunter you can combine 2- Spells like magical arrows with a multi shot, because hunter will be played like a sniper in a shooter where you haven't got the time to focus on your skills... And as a mage you could even cast elemental complex combinations of your spells, like a force wave if you combine a waterball with a fireball or a strong area of effect spell if you combine the Fog of the Unforgotten with the Glacial Sphere and a Strong Storm = Blizzard.You could also say that our fighting system goes into the next generation.

Every class will also have a combo system of five points that you can get per attack or cast like in a 2d fighting game where you can get really high damaging combinations.
Per attack gets you one point for the combination. In addition, it makes
always about 10% more damage when you continues its combination, maximum is
50% more damage (only applies to one attack then). These are skills
added to the class, based on combinations. E.g. "Visual Impact"
This ability requires all five combined points, so it can be used.

The combat system for meeles goes like this:

Weak and rapid attacks
Right + left click (mouse) = attack from the right
Left + left click = attack from the left
Up+ left click = attack from above
Down + left click = attack from below
Vertical attacks go by Up and Right simultaneously presses.

Or you can even make combinations like a whirlwind attack but I want tell much more at this part =)

Strong and slow attacks
Right + right click (mouse) = attack from the right and so on ... (or if you have a shield equipped you will block in this direction or if you have two weapns you will attack now with the second one)

If you press both mouse buttons at one time, you will parry.

The combat system is still not completely finished. You will maybe see a few changes i nthe future, but that's the direction of the combat system in Agrath.

I will go a little bit deeper in the fighting styles over the next weeks so you can see whats really going on :D. Nevertheless, thanks for reading

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