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The Mini mod has some features in common with the main mod and a some new ones here is the list of changes included.

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Global Changes

Increased building armor vs. "Gun" from 100% to 50%
(It is already 50% vs. vehicles. Why make an anti infantry weapon work any better on Structures?)

Prism and Tesla damage types balanced in armor settings
(Only one Advanced Defense type per side why make one more effective than another)

Build limits placed on each unit design
(This is not a population limit. Every buildable unit has its own build limit)

All Power Plants output increased from 100 to 200
(Super Reactor now at 400)

Naval Production Buildings - cost increased from $1000 to $2000
(Changed to match Vehicle production buildings)

All MCV/ConYards Attributes are now standardized
(Speed, Armor and HP)

All MCVs cost decreased from $5000 to $3000

Each MCV/ConYard has a build limit of 3
(So, I can balance the lower cost)

Each Harvester/Expansion vehicle has a build limit of 20
(Part of the dynamic balance for the Empire Harvester)


------------Building Revisions--------------

Crane now requires Refinery
(Use the Sputniks to expand early)

Airfield now only requires Refinery
(This places the MiG on tier with other Air-to-Air)

Super Reactor power increased from 350 to 400
(Balanced because other power plants increased from 100 to 200)

Super Reactor death weapon damage changed from 1500-300 to 1000-250

Super Reactor death weapon radius changed from 250 to 200

Super Reactor and Battle Lab now project tier in a radius
(Because of they are not centralized buildings the radius is 50% larger than Allies)

Outpost now has a pair of repair drones
(Something to keep it from being instantly sold by players)

Outpost health increased from 500 to 1000
(Because it now has repair drones)

Outpost power usage increased from 0 to 25
(Because it now has repair drones)

------------Unit Revisions--------------

Twinblade - Requires Super Reactor

Sputnik can now be built from ConYard defense tab
(Maybe people will actually use them to expand now)

Sputnik build time reduced from 20sec to 10sec
(It was way too long for such a simple unit)

Sputnik cost reduced from $1200 to $600
(Not like it did anything to justify the cost)

------------Defense Revisions--------------

Sentry Gun health increased from 625 to 1000
(To make it equal with the other faction defenses because it is the same cost and only anti ground)

Flak Turret health decreased from 2000 to 1000
(Earlier MIGs and slightly later Vindicators balance this)

Tesla Coil health decreased from 2000 to 1500
(Balance with other factions)


------------Building Revisions--------------

Command Hub deploy time reduced from 30sec to 15sec
(To help people to actually want to use them to expand)

Airbase now requires Refinery
(Vindicators are still the only tier 1 air-to-ground this just forces more diverse tactics)

------------Unit Revisions--------------

Prospector can now be built from ConYard defense tab

Mirage tank Health increased from 500 to 1000
(Apoc and Oni are 3000 so why only 500?)

Mirage tank range increased from 125 to 150
(Average tank is 150 anyway)

Heroic Mirage tank range increased from 150 to 175
(Make it better than average tank range)

------------Defense Revisions--------------

Allied Prism Tower damage increase from 300 to 450
(Balance with Tesla Coil)

Allied Prism Tower cost increase from 1200 to 1500
(A better product; a higher price)


------------Production Building Upgrades & Revisions--------------

Construction Yard can now queue buildings
(May have to remove this later but I hope it is not too OP)

Harvester weapon does no damage to buildings
(To balance it with the new build limit system)

Harvester weapon recharge time increased from 3sec to 10sec
(To balance it with the new build limit system)

Harvester in weapon mode speed decreased by 50%
(To balance it with the new build limit system)

Sudden Transport health increased from 400 to 500
(To balance it with the new build limit system)


The Soviet tech building radius decal. It currently uses the Repair decal as it is actually the best looking of the existing decals.
The Allied ConYard door has no animations
Shift Key function will allow limit to be exceeded.


the que system for EOTRS isnt too OP. hell, the soviets could build 5 things at once and allies (well lets not go there).

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