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In this feature spotlight we showcase our codex system and two new creatures!

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A core component of Journey's End is discovering the deep and intriguing lore of theuniverse through an extensive codex system. Information can be gathered through hunting creatures, talking with NPCs, discovering locations, creating items, and many more ways.

Lore is cataloged in the Codex window, separated out into different categories. Each lore entry can have sub-entries which are unlocked in a variety of ways. For example, when the player encounters an animal such as the Rukk for the first time they will receive an entry in their codex providing generalized information. Upon interacting with a tamed Rukk, the player can discover what sorts of behavior they typically display and which foods they enjoy. Some pieces of lore can only be obtained through completing quest objectives and speaking with NPCs, encouraging players to explore and interact with the game world.

A Barking Spider

In addition to refining the codex system, we've also added two new creatures to Journey's End. Our first creature is the common Barking Spider. These large spiders are highly intelligent and possess opposable thumbs allowing them to utilize tools. Barking spiders enjoy stealing small tools and ammunition, often building massive hordes of these small trinkets. When provoked, the barking spider is able to fire a sticky ball of webbing at their target coated in an irritating secretion.

A Nakaratu

The many dangers in Journey's End include bandits, hazardous weather, and of course predatory animals. Few creatures inspire the same fear as that of the stealthyNakaratu. Capable of cloaking their bodies, the Nakaratu are silent hunters that stalk prey using 4 highly advanced eyes and ears. With incredible arm strength, nakaratu are capable of tearing through most types of metal using their claws. The only sure defense against these creatures is their willingness to spare the lives of their victims in exchange for an adequate amount of food. Travelers are encouraged to always bring an airtight container with a fresh steak inside of it.

The Nakaratu in Substance Painter

A shot of the Nakaratu in substance painter. As a sidenote, substance painter is an amazing program for texturing.

Codex interaction

Some information is available through datapads, computers, hacking, and other sorts of electronic interaction, often giving the player updates on what's happening in the world through news and events. Datapads, important conversations, and journal entries are all organized in the Journal window for quick access. In addition to the journal window, the Quest window displays your current tasks and what is required to complete them. Certain quests may require the player to consult their logged conversations or codex.

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