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🙈 Information about joining the group in mod Lost Path.

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📄 In the main menu after selecting a character players will be available to only one group of “Single” or “Stalkers” as you call it. It is made with the position that you are in the Zone no one can call you and you yourself need to earn a name for yourself and make your own history of your character. Only from you will depend on which group you find yourself, what exactly will you be doing in the Area and where it will lead. Only you write your own story, YOU are a blacksmith of his own happiness.

📦 The players will be a question about the relevance of other groups and possible ways of joining the group. Of course to join the group, you and your way Stalker is not eternal. There are several categories of groups you can join. They are divided according to the method of accession:

💪 Reputation and your name in the group. That is, you need to make a name in your chosen group to perform tasks and combat tasks that you will be offering PS. The more tasks you perform, the more you advance on the path of joining the group. Now “the street” you will not take. This Area's a reputation and a name.. suddenly you mishandled a spy of freedom and want to thwart “Debt”? Of course this is the usual example, but they are guided by that. It is worth remembering that not all quests you will get a reputation and you have to sweat to get to your favorite group (or hated, but desired).

📎 Entry from the street. Let's call this category. The essence lies in the fact that grouping does not matter who you are and what you are. You get there because there was some action and grouping you with machine took.

✏ Consider the groups of the second category:

Bandits: introduction at low reputation, if he is the Stalker. Ie, you kill and Rob their fellows of what they banish you to the looters, bandits.

Stalkers: if quarrel with the bandits, they throw you back to the stalkers.

Monolith or a Zombie: when GH is subjected to a strong psi effects, it obespechivaetsya or zombiruetsya. The entry depends on randomness, you can become a fighter or a Monolith or a Zombie Stalker with a probability of 50%.

📌 In the other groups, there are tasks that you must perform to entry. Once you reach 1000 reputation of the group, you can ask the group and if you wish, you become the coveted fighter of the group. In this version of the modification (v2.2.3) joining Environmentalists is impossible, since from the research groups available International Research Group (combat environmentalists) and the Sky, I think that you will be quite enough.

👀 If the player enters the group for the first time, he receives a starter set a rookie, which when re-joining this group it receives. Note that the run groups will not work, since joining the group, you sacrifice your relations with other factions, it's a kind of tribute to join.

😎 You can also make the exchange of reputation earned from quests on some units of weapons (while this is in beta, it will be possible to obtain everything from the cartridge to the artifacts and armor). How to spend a reputation for you to decide, but remember, if you spend reputation, you may not be enough for entry, use reputation as a bonus for good service in the group.

📰 If the conversation you will have only one answer “nothing found”, it means that your reputation is not enough to convert, save a bit more and come again. A key character IIG is goofy, but the Dark Stalkers is Charon (monolith, which can help to join the second direction of the monolith).

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