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Probably the single most involved process of making the Rebirth mod, was the re-balancing of classes. Some classes saw significant nerfs (Ninjas) while a slew of other classes were greatly improved. Everything from speed to skillsets were revamped in many jobs. The most notable change is that every class has an Innate ability.

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All classes saw a roughly 20% increase in HP. In general classes have been made slower and divided into three tiers slow, medium, and fast. Summoners are the only slow class while Ninjas and Thieves are fast classes, every other class has medium speed. Almost all spells have seen a massive increase in speed.


  • Archer - Innate Concentrate, better Jump, Improved Charges
  • Bard - Increased PA Multiplier and MA Multiplier, Improved Songs
  • Chemist - Increased MA Growth, Lower JP Cost Skills
  • Dancer - Improved Movement, Jump, and Class Evade, Improved Dances
  • Lancer - Innate Ignore Height, Increased PA Multiplier
  • Mediator - Utilize Books, Innate Immunities (Invite, Confusion, Berserk, and Charm), Increased MA Multiplier, Improved Talk Skill
  • Monk - Utilize Hats, Chakra and Revive +1 Vertical Range
  • Oracle - Innate Defense Up, Increased MA Growth, Massively Improved Ying Yang Magic
  • Priest - Innate Magic Defend Up, Increased MA Growth, Improved Spells
  • Squire - Innate Monster Skill, Lost Defend
  • Summoner - Innate Half MP, Faster Spells, Increased MA Growth, MA Multiplier, and MP Multiplier
  • Thief - Utilize Crossbows, Innate Poach, Increased Speed Multiplier, Improved Steal
  • Time Mage - Innate Short Charge, Increased MA Growth, Improved Spells
  • Wizard - Innate Arcane Strength, Increased MA Growth, Lower MA Multiplier, Improved Spells
  • Calculator - Changed to Lunar Knight
  • Knight - Innate Defend, Improved Battle Skill
  • Geomancer - Utilize Flails, Innate Attack UP, Improved Geomancy
  • Samurai - Innate Two Hands, Increased PA Multiplier, Improved Skills

So.... How do you become a Lunar Knight then?.... Been trying...

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Rodman49 Author

Level 4 Knight, Level 4 Wizard, Level 3 Time Mage, Level 3 Summoner, Level 2 Lancer, Level 3 Samurai are the requirements.

Note that Summoner also know requires Level 4 Priest, and Level 4 Wizard. Happy Gaming.

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Hi there,

Can you please post the modifications' complete data and values? For instance, what is the new Samurai's PA Multiplier? What is the new exact parameters for calculating geomancy's damage?

Thank you!

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You guys are awesome, you made my day with the Monk's +1 vertical range to chakra and revive!!

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Playing around and I am really impressed, I can no longer use the methods for playing through this game that I use in the normal version. The enemy AI seems the same, but with the addition of the revamped skills, encounters have a whole new flavor to them.

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