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This includes the different customize features in the JCat game.

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JCat will feature a Customize section. In this section Players will be able to Purchase different customizable parts for the game.

The Currency: The currency used in this section is actually your score. So each time you play the game, rather you complete the entire game or you get that game over sign, you score will be transferred into in game cash where you can buy items in this section.

Here's a list of the customizable sections and what you can do in each one.

Bonus Levels: In this section, players can buy additional levels for the game. One's purchased, players can put the levels in the game or remove them from the game as they see fit.

Items: The items come in 2 different sections. One is the Equip section, the other is the Replacement section.
-Equip Items: These items are equipped to JCat and they are usable through the entire game. They range from Increases in Maximum Health, to a walk through walls item. At first, only one equip item can be used at a time. However, a 2nd slot can be purchased to be used.
-Replacement Items: These items are designed to replace the orbs in the game. Not all items can be used in all areas though. (Boss battles and the Final area being the main ones.) These items range from items to increase your health to shields that can withstand damage, all the way to an invincibility item.

Drop Ratio: The final section is the Drop Ratio section. Here you can purchase different percentages of how often items are dropped by a defeated enemy. Blue hearts(1-ups), Red Hearts(full health restore), and Pink Hearts(one health point) are the items that can be dropped. The default is 0% for each item.

***Some items/names may vary by the time the game is released.

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