Blackened will include a variety of features. A few of the features that will be discussed here are: Jetpack, Slider Boots, and Night Vision.

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Because players must work together in order to succeed in Blackened, there will be only a specific amount of certain items that will be available to the players. For instance, (not to go into too much detail on one of the main levels just yet) there will be a level where the enviornment is dark. Lets say a group of 30 players joins the game, there might be only 3 or 4 pairs of night vision goggles available. On the other hand there might only be a couple of rocket packs available in that same level. Blackened will be designed that certain items work together and compliment each other when used on a team in cooperation.

  • Slider Boots: A type of hover boot that allows players to quickly glide from point A - B in a more efficient and rapid manner than the standard run
  • Rocket Pack: Allows players to propel into the air for a short period of time. Good for quickly moving to balconies or other high positioned areas. Not capable for long flights. Rocket packs contain self-recharging fuel cells. When the fuel cells are drained, flight will stop, and the rocket pack must wait for a certain while until the fuel cells have recharged.
  • Night Vision: this item is used to see in the dark. In Blackened, this tool is very useful. Be careful, gunfire and explosions make it very difficult to see while wearing nightvision.
Stay tuned for more details!
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