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There certainly are some heavy damage dealers roaming around in the realms. How much damage do they deal when they face you with this powerful item?

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Hold on
You won't know what heavy damage dealing can actually mean before you met the Scarab Uberqueen. She hits so hard that even the strongest Endurance builds cover in fear after the very first hit. Too bad you can't run away as long as you don't have a very high speed. Well, there are certainly different tactics to defeat the Uberqueen, one of which includes fighting her with the Arctic Tanto.

You won't deal notable damage, but you'll slow her down quickly. A slow damage dealer is so much easier to fight than a fast damage dealer! Now that she's barely moving, equip that Devastating Grand Chaos Hammer of Might and show her heavy damage!

Where's my Arctic Tanto?
Look at it's requirements. Seems like a pretty low-level boss should have a good chance to drop it, right? Get yourself a high magic find bonus and check out that boss a few times. By the way, this is a good method to get some of the low-level uniques in general.

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