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ANT1 - Giant Ant
The classic nightmarish creature that we all know and love (to hide from), this specimen stands at 10 feet tall and has razor-sharp pincers. Known for its insatiable appetite for blood metal and concrete, this giant ant can eat its way through anything that dares to obstruct it.

ANT2 - Fire Ant
When you think of a fire ant, you may not think of an ant the size of a tank that spits fireballs. Well, maybe now you might. This ant is hot stuff, as it can vapourise anything within seconds. With flames as hot as the sun, you definitely want to find some water to wash this down with.

ANT3 - Warrior Ant
Is that static interference on your television, you might want to look outside of your window for this ant. With an Electrostatic Field surrounding it, this is an ant you don't want to get on the negative side of. This ant might look cute since it's only as big as the average car, but it can discharge itself at anything that gets too close. Whoever had this light-bulb moment blew a fuse.

ANT4 - Cryo Ant
Is it getting chilly, you might want to grab a woolly coat, or you might consider a hot fire. Neither of these will help you from this ant. Freezing the very ground it walks on, this ant can make an instant winter wonderland of any water it so happens to encounter.


Cryo Ant may come later on, and not right away. This is due to not being able to find any existing method on making units Amphibious. This means I will need to get creative.

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