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A description of all the update revisions for the game Conqvestvs Britanniae of the Invasio Barbarorvm II series.

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IB2 Conqvestvs Britanniae III Additions starting from IB2 I

Start date moved to 452AD
The mod textures have been greatly reduced in size(thus reducing poss.lag) by darthxeion our newest developer
EDU stats redone
Ambrosious and Aedgius 28-29 years old
Wudusan unit description Added for Sahson
Sahson have 3 major siege spawning settlements
Moved or removed several bridges (but not all of them)that are connected to the settlements in Britain
General units and most hero units stats and numbers increased by 10% 25%
Changed several Jute unit cards to match their unit
Names of settlements changed back to what they were and centered
Jutie cavalry bodyguard bug corrected(midnite)
Scottie faction can no longer horde after their last settlement has been taking
Roman and Romano General and core units now take one turn longer to recruit.
Most hero units now take one turn more to recruit
Eliminated gaps in faction character names file that were creating nameless characters.
Added AI Irish spawned invasions to Britain
Added AI spawned boats in the campaign
Moved Connacht capitals' port to the west coast and now accessible by roads
Corrected a typo in the Holy Men script folder
Corrected a typo in Dumnonias'unit strengths
Changed all settlement villages to towns
Corrected a code that was hindering the potential of the ai seige movement, ai seige behavior is much much better(GRANTO)
Added wulfbyrnies change to the Viking temple also Wulyrnies can only be recuited in the final building(capitals)of the Kings Castle...just Need a description of the Viking Temple
Increased AI kings purse by 3000 a turn for Sahson
Stating Sahson units much more levy types for the local player
Aethelstan's description additions to Germanic Pagan temples
Chri Rho symbol removed from Top of flags
Added a 1st level market requirement to the 1st level Roman type Governors Palace
Theramines Tech tree WIP

Pegligiasim heretic trait no longer at the start for several faction leaders
Caer Usk Given Roman Walls
EDB differentiated Horse Pasture and Stud Farming
Stud Farming is now the Equestrian first level building
Re did several bld pics
Banners finished
Several units textures done
Legio Lancer only obtainable at Soissons for the DoS Faction
Expanded file upgraded(strat map names to blds, characters etc..)
Royal families expanded.
Settlements and provinces revises(ceretic)
Names file expanded
Royal Families expanded
Vortigern portrayed as the once Faction leader of the now several
FactionsShown several family trees
Added and revised several portraits
Heir crown only for Local player
Duplicate settlement and province names(most redone
Slightly altered scripts and strat files to
aAI Alemanni strengthened to hold and to now slowly expand
bAI Factions slightly tweaked to get a better start
bld. descriptions and 2d art will be more definitive
Hunnic Foederati texture smoothed out by caratacus
The Britain Germanic factions maps redid using their raiding or warships to show there origination and settlement landings
Mr Kriegtooth Irish bug finds
A new load up sword(handle and knob)
Added past faction leaders into the Royal families to show their famous dead ancestors w/their distinct portraits
Added more and sited several custom portraits to historical characters
Re did several faction map colors for further differentiation
Re did some ancillary pics
Added more custom portraits to historical characters
Courts of LawChoice(either or)
Due process
Frisian Warlord added the EDB and main general unit
Gododdin 300 white shields(midites beautiful work)
Saxons Spawns greatly increased for correct expansion
Consilium and WRE faction strengthenedsiege scripts increased(fine line)
Sahson faction strengthenedsiege scripts increased
Re did EDUcavalry numbers increased
Ancillaries redone again
Unit CardsSome work needed for better representation w/factions sharing the same units WIP
A few more detailed descriptions in the EB
Hunnic Warlord formation error fixedavailable as a thurinigia unit
Roman Village placed on(near)Avalon hill
Jutes given Jutland provinces w/extra Law bonuses (religious sites) in various out laying settlements
Jutes have an island off of Frisia w/a fort and resources
Jutes win conditions added(Part of West Frisia)
Marca Dumnonia cavalry added as a body guard unit for Dumnonia
General units for the Britanniae factions(including Germanic) needed to be re adjusted
Added 2 family members to Sahson at the start
Corrected faction boundaries along rivers in Gaul and Hibernia
Deleted all of the green arrow bridge markers
Made some passable rivers by heights and grounds choke points
Added hording ability for Sahson and Scottie factions
Faction standings historically set up
Armorica made to be very rebellious toward the WRE and Franks ans Alemania
Toned down Wre and Franks uber startBoth are still super powers in the game.
Added Elite Alemanni swordsmen only in Germanic CapitalsJust on more trained offensively and defensively but not w/more amour.
Walls no longer will provide Law to a faction(Only in faction regional capitals)
Added upgraded Marcamodel and texture
Roman faction under the AI was steam rolling over the Franks
Added Roman gov to help w/poor law and happiness
All WRE Roman starting settlements will be surrounded by stone walls
Increased WRE factions king purse per turn via script for local player but the General units are more expensive'
WRE faction 100000 Denari added for the local player every year as a Legion payment from Rome(Limited to the amount of turns)
Increased several Franks settlements
Gave Franks solid first level units
Adjusted ap levels to mostly for the elite or general units
Throwing axes have the ap stat but the stat number is reduced.
Added Frank elite sword unit and body guardSchola Heavy Infantry(A mix of Romanized Franks)
Thuringia now w/ European accent
Isle of Wight and Thanet reachable by boats only now
caratacus Pict's textures added
Renos new shields for several frank units and unit cards
Added Suebian spearmen w/a throwing axeMore geared for use of the spear compared to its Frank counterpart
Optional files: druid and priests spawns and edu file
Added proper body guards to named characters
Smoothed out Thuringia region around the river basin
Removed E Anglia bridges providing a natural boundary for them
The fens in Britain are extended.
Stone forts in most Provinces to mark spawned siege units and to show provinces importance
Reduced the width size of the Rhine river before the upper mouth regions
Many rivers redone as the Rhine.
Coast lines redone to look much more real and aesthetic
Frisia now looks as it did(possibly)in the 5th century as much was flooded.
Germanic settlement names further corrected
Wooden castles are made nearly impossible to become Stone castles(town level)
Settlements that are not castles gain greater economic advantages as they can upgrade past towns
Several Germanic settlements for Thuringia and Sahson factions have been upgraded to provincial city status.
Mercenaries from the fort will take 1 turn to recruit but are tripled in recruitment costs
Wooden castles can no longer recruit large amount of units just from the castles construction.
Added throwing axe mercenary for the Saxons and Jutes around Ceint
Siege towers eliminated except for the Roman factions
River Forts around the Gododdin northern boundaries will act as a barrier
River Ouse in front of Ebrauc will at as a defensive barrier from the Angli settlement to its south by a fort
Severn River corrected
Powys settlement made to look Romano
Added Germanic names and to several family trees(Ceretc)
Put Cadbury on hill fort
Signal tower and Village posts added to the Barracks tier thus low grad troops(free upkeep in forts)
Saxon(E.Saxon) alternate family tree added
Aded markrt requirement for 1st level Roman type Governos Palace
Adjusted slightly tech tree

knights (as in the combo Celtic Christian terminology) as w/ all the Knights of the Roundtable
Added Cerdic as a Saxon. A spawned prince w/his son Cyrnicw/2 stacks IN 484 w/5 boats
Added several more knights of the round table
Drustun will be know a knight in Dumnonia
Frisia Major:
Utrecht to Traiectum
Batavodurum to Dorestad
Saxon Alternate family tree. East Saxons: Æscwine(spawns 480AD) son of Offa, son of Bedca
Faction Settlement names corrected
Faction Names corrected or added
Family Trees corrected
Divided up the barracks, stables and archery rages between the 4 different cultures after the military signal station( up to the 2nd level alert militia post)
They will require their own cultures provincial military governor now to build past the 22nd level to the barracks(more professional unit types)
urddo_yn_farchog (Marchomawr)w/the officer roman_draconarius
Depopulated Frisia but kept here large type settlements so this gives them a chance to build up.
Lydlaw now is allied to Dumnonia, WRE, and the Franks at the start of the game, This should increase trade
Increase the Lydlaw scripted kings purse(from script) slightly
Added ports RB Faction
Bristol Channel map grounds, heights, and regions redone
Added riverbridge to Paris Seine river
Archers in Hibernia are only levy typeWill need mercs for higher upgrade archers
caratacus Sotti new unit added
Units placement adjusted for better organization
Organized and restructured the barracks for all the cultures
Building tree pics for the Castellium
Reno and midnites unit fixes and additions
Added the Mainx river
Adjusted archers
ceretics Picts name changes and events
midnites custom battle fixes
Several faction 2d art buildings, and symbol changes in the interface files
Added Gaelic Skirmisher
Adjusted faction unit trees.
Faction strengths and weaknesses
Cerdic a Saxon. Changed from a Jute
Battle model File corrected
Fixed border on the Mainx River
Final adjustment to the EDU, EDB, EB
Unit Cards done
Britain and Ireland Factions descriptions(from BIATW) can be extremely helpful to the player
Starting Info Guide: A basic starting guide
Several corrections to the Saxon Bodyguards in the script

New unit types added(Modified by midnight and Reno)
Model strat and chracter files modified
Turks are still Venedotia
Byzantium Back in and representing The YternaJutes
Moors back in representing Muhatma
Aztecs in as Laigin (faction not yet in due t0 ui work needed)
Accents no longer middle Eastern
Faction name changes
Settlement name changes
Faction descriptions redone or added
New Forums Description

Celtic Paganism Modified and corrected
Wicker Man for Celtic Paganism added
Religous ConversionBy the human player
Optional Religous Conversion to Celtic Paganism(Gaelic and Pict factions) w/construction of the Wicker Man
Optional Religous Conversion to Christianity(most Germanic factions) w/construction of an Abbey(Large Church)
Optional Religous Conversion to Christianity w/construction of an Celtic Church(Large Church)
Only can covert from the required building constructed in the capital
Monasteries(for Celtic Church) must be constructed first
Celtic Paganism a branch off of Paganism but is a separate religion
Different religion type buildings can be constructed within a province
Allowed Picts and certain Germanic factions the option of changing their religion to Christianity

Ships unit cards and descriptions redone
Banners flags for Saxons and jutes
Historical events edited
Adding historical events
New Faction Maps
Adjusted provinces and settlements on the strat map (WIP)
Adjusted Caer Ebrauc(York)to its proper location
Several Spawned events
Money systemProvincial Upkeep and building Upkeep(Help from TNZ)
Added Nord Angelnen factionPapal States(faction not yet in )
Banners Done for several factions
Huge city strat models for Pictavia to look like castlesfortresses
Teamhair settlement in Hibernia, the seat of the high Kings will now be displayed with a large city type strat model.
Castle type models represnting largest of settlements
The in game city settlement also is corrected from the patched looking Aztec type.
Castle core foederati settlements for Germanic factions starting in Britannia
Redid a description for the Jutish large Boats.
Spawned Consilium Britannorum armies as they declare war on several independent Romano British factions
Tweaked the money script
Stone walls made more difficult to construct by requirements and possibly a penalty for foriegn factions
Also no longer walls provide a trade bonusnew merc units fixes for cav shields that were too largeseveral fixes for missing jav/spear textures
New in game battle battle banners

EDU File:
Slightly increased the size of several Roman units
Universal base level 2 hit points for most units except boats
Adjusted statsberserker types have extra hit point(s) but no armour.
Gave spear bonuses to most of the spearmen units
and the more elite infantrythe shiled wall. Two Pict spear units given schiltrom
ap amour piecing for very few units

Redid provincial populations represented by the settlement
Upgraded infra structures

Unique units added
Research w unique units done
Shield texture changes
Model fixes for large cav shields
Added some of reno's shields to to the rb infantry
Added christian cross to christian fanatic shields
Changed model and textures for the alemanni adalingum (no longer look like the vandal inf)
Fixed the thuringii lancer hand thru the shield problem
Miscellaneous small texture fixes to some units
Ebrauc symbol changed(WIP)Needs slight adjusting
Continuing modification of stone fortification
Expanded file redone (WIP)
Re did Concilium Britanniae general strat model
Family trees Expanded further
Edited the Map
Edited and modified Thringia
Resurce villages icons added to represent small villages
Eonomic gaines from village resource
Holy Men Spawn Script added: Saints and Bards
Legendary Round table Knights added
New ancillary types
Includes Fixes
Liquid metal units:germanic Garr units
Several spawned placements
CB faction playability adjusted
Buildable buildings for recruiting units
lowered settlement upgrade requirements
Roadpaved wooden Pics
first turn Jute Pricesses removed

Lowered the SOF_SQUALOUR decreased slightly
Significantly Increased SOF_DISTANCE_TO_CAPITA(forces assimilation)
Significantly Increased SOF_TAX_PENALTY Taxes on high setting will cause unrest much easier
Increased SOF_GOVERNORS_INFLUENCE"> will enhance law in the provincial settlement much more
Decreased SOF_RELIGIOUS_UNREST"> less effect now and set at different levels
Decreased SOF_BUILDINGS_LAW buildings no longer set at 125 but now much lower and they will need to be built up for Assimilation process
Added Wuduwasan Bowmen to Sahson 2nd Ranged Tier
Added Extra Dumnonia governor
Added extra starting army for Gywnedd
Increased AI Germanic kings purse
Sahson accent changed to E Germanic
Sahson Royal banner corrected(from Papal States)
Rebels no longer access to the Welsh archer
In game battle green Arrows will be in as default(will not need to change)
Increased diplomats range
Fixed the mining resourcesStarts as a visual rock and then when Its constructed it transforms into a mine.
Changed several settlement names
The man, the myth, the legend: Gaelic unit cards corrections
Smithy:New roads on the strat map playing guides(New IB2 Developer)
Updated roads on the strat map.
Added two bridges connecting The Anglii factions as it may have caused path finding ctds
Unit cards: Gaelic cards are now consistent
Fixed roads in several areas
Bonheddwyr added for the CB faction only in Viriconium
Added a Pict port at Di Ceith
Unit description for the Marchog Safwywyr redone as of a standard Romano unit
Gai armauhr renamed to a more appropriate Chodaoer and adjusted stats
Pedites Romanii stats slightly increased
Re colored several factions(smitty)
Draco standard added to the The Marca Dummoni and Alan Romano cavalry(demagogos nicator suggestion)
Building descriptions High King WIP
Fixed the vineyard issue w/Concilium and the other settlement.
Fixed the Helwyr as it was only recruited in the middle building. Its now will be available the upgraded merc fort
Textures for Marchog Safwywyr upgraded(Idea from Benczeb90)
Faster battle movement for IB2 CB BY GRANTO
In Paris and Soissons their was a 1st level and a 3rd level stable so I eliminated the 1st level stable thus eliminating the problem
The buildings I will correct to display the same
midnites spear through the shield fix
Southern European buildings now matched up
Soissons accent to Mediterranean
Textures for Levy Spearmen upgraded WIP(caratacus work)
Adjusted and lowered law and population to settlement buildings
Gaels and Picts will now share the same culture but w/still be diverse in certain military and Economic buildings
From Papirrus:
Building and Settlement grammatical corrections done
Mercenary 30% Infantry Increased recruitment cost and slightly lowered their moral in the merc fort to distinguish it
Amoured Fleet Sailors correction (Concilium Britanniae)Added to final range
Marchan Mor Consilium Britannorum foederati unit card added
3rd level Merc Fort now only for Southern European culture Roman and Consilium Britannorum factions
Merc Infantry now separated: Unit card and costs changed as suggested
Adjusted the economic system for Farms, markets, and Ports
Romano British governor palaces(2D art)
Marca Dumnonia w/Javelin(Borosiki suggestion to further modify)midites model
Just Governor correction to law and personal security
Corrected diplomatic wording
Added stone walls to known large British settlements
Floating houses in one spot in a custom battle WIP(W/(DBM) Mod buildings)

482AD482 CTD Fixed Error was in a spawn
Several liquid metal units textured
Several spawned placements re done
CB faction playability adjusted
Buildable buildings for recruiting units
Lowered settlement upgrade requirements
Roadspaved wooden Pics redone
First turn Jute Princesses spawn removed
Unit cards for Germanic GarrisonHunnic Warlord
Win conditions for several factions fixed
edu file cav stats
British legionaries
Mumhan Ridire corrected to a Mumhan unit
1st wall requirements
A few redone portraits
Adjusted unit cards and added several missing ones
Added (Tara) hidden resourceto achieve Ard Ri ancillary
Further assimilation needed on cav. and info. Barracks 2nd level military structures
High King, Provincial Dux and Comes Ancillaries goodcommander requirement lowered to 2
Teamhair High King building tree and EDB Instruction corrected
Teambair name changed to Crich Rois

descr_aerial_map_ground_types:Roma Surrectum mod
Joar's King Arthur portraits
Many of Julianus unit cards

Arthurian Total War: Arthurian: Total War (BI) Mod leader: Agraes

Round Table Info

Credits See:

Huge Help from new Beta Testers:
Mr Kriegtooth

'The Celts, along with our hopes of ever truly knowing these fascinating peoples, are gone. But their spirit lingers in their stories, the timehonored legends that have become an integral part of our own mythos'
Transformations of Celtic Mythology in Arthurian Legend

Dan Shadrake is the artist of the Gywnedd intro pic
Pictavia intro pic

Cu Chulainn by ~PaganXiii on
Ulster faction intro pic

Roman Damnum

Fénechas, the law of the Féine(Brehon Law)
A wonderful info source by Michael Ragan

Ancient Worlds

Carmen Suarez Galan painting of Roman sallies fort and ambushes

Round Table Pic:

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