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Stealth is our first true single-player and co-op game mode. In Stealth you are a man on a mission, out to stop the evil Rebels and their plans for world domination! Oooooh. You will explore the map, fight zombies, discover weapons and skills and kill anyone who stand in your way. Go stealthy and backstab your enemies, or charge in guns-a-blazing. Eitherway with new music, story, unlocks and puzzles this mode is an exciting new way to play Mutant Factions! Grab a friend and come check it out!

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New Game Mode - Stealth!

For over 6 years Mutant Factions has been a multiplayer only game. But that all changed today! I've just released a new game mode called Stealth which is the first true single-player and co-op experience. In Stealth you are a man on a mission. Your mission is to stop the evil Rebels from unleashing a zombie outbreak on the world. As you play you'll discover weapons, skills, vehicles and plenty more tools to help you. But use these wisely, as only you can stop the Rebels and save the world!

You can play Stealth solo or with up to 8 friends in online co-op. It has a story, music, puzzles, item unlocks and map exploration. And of course there is plenty of action. You can sneak up behind enemy guards for combo kills, or charge in guns-a-blazing and take them out the old fashioned way. But when the zombies come you better be ready!

Blow up well placed vehicles to kill waves of incoming zombies.

Stealth & Combat Mechanics

This game mode is called Stealth due to the way enemy vision works. Enemies have a cone of vision and if you can sneak behind them you can take them out without them seeing you or alerting any other enemies. The maps are designed with a mix of action, stealth and puzzle solving in mind, providing players multiple options to progress through the level. You can cast Frenzy skill and charge in with 200% rate of fire, or you can go Invisible and sneak behind the guards for that sweet sweet combo kill money.

Using Warp Fields to capture the flag.

Backstabbing unsuspecting Rebels for sweet steath combo cash!

Item Unlocks

This new mode revolves heavily around discovering and using items. There are 80 items to discover including vehicles, weapons, skills, chemicals, cash piles and more. Once you discover an item you not only get to use it immediately, but it will become unlocked in your account forever more. For example you might discover a sniper rifle which you can immediately use to take out a well positioned guard on the other side of the map. But you'll also now have the ability to buy this sniper whenever you reach a buy zone. As you play you unlock more and more tools which you can use to kick-ass and progress through the level.

Using a well-timed car bomb to storm the enemy base!

Using a well-timed car bomb to storm the enemy base!

Occasionally you will discover cash piles in the ground which are used to purchase these weapon, vehicle etc. You can also earn bonus cash by going for stealth kills and pulling off kill combos. The more cash you earn, the better weapons you can buy for the times where it really counts. Skills can also be unlocked in this way but instead of purchasing skills with cash you earn experience from fighting zombies and then are able to unlock and create skill builds from any skills you've previously discovered. This progressive unlocks system allows the game to become increasing more challenging as you are given more tools to get the job done. The world needs you, so start exploring!

Leveling the Self Repair skill.

Leaderboards, Speedruns & Difficulty Levels

This game mode comes with a whole new leaderboard system allowing players to compete in multiple ways. The main way to compete on leaderboards is through speedruns, where players attempt to rush through the stealth stages as fast as possible. Another way to compete is by trying to earn the highest cash combo, and yet another is to survive with as few deaths as possible. There are also multiple difficulty levels allowing you to replay the stealth stages with more of a challenge. You can even keep the item unlocks you discovered in the previous difficulty so that the entire game plays differently the second time around.

Opening fire on a bunch of enemy guards.

That's all for now. Come online and check it out! Next version will introduce a full campaign where I'll be aiming for about 5 hours of solid gameplay. But right now Stealth mode is all about the co-op experience, working together to find items, solve puzzles and take out enemy Rebels. This co-op experience is unlike anything you've ever seen in Mutant Factions before. Come play!


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This is looking really great. And 8 player co-op sounds fantastic. Are there any other games out there doing this? The graphics are really fitting and the variety of options seem like a really neat package. Will try this for sure. Good work!

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